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Shining Aquas
02-15-2009, 01:07 AM
There's a funny story about this level.
I originally played it way back in the day, like before it had a Paintinator powerup. I remember it being a rather fun level that was full of comedy, and at the time I had played it the level had made my at the time small hearted list.
I never thought I'd ever have to review it. Mostly, I hadn't even considered the possibility of reviewing at the time. Hell, at the time, I actually didn't really like writing.

Funny how everything worked out, huh?

Anyways, RA is a level created by RagnarokRed, who I'm assuming wanted to make a level that was mostly just a hilarious take on a battleground, or specifically take soldiers on the battleground and make the ensuing shenanigans as humorous as an old 3 stooges broadcast. So without further explanation, let's take a look at RA.

You start off running down a corridor made out of metal, whilst in the background bombs are dropping and everything is blowing up. You reach the first couple of soldiers who tells you to get in uniform and get a move on, after which they dump you into the enemy base. Jump over a series of brightly colored bombs on the way over and reach the next soldier. By the time you reach this point, your sackboy should be covered in dirt from all the explosions, by which the soldier tells you that "A little dirt never hurt anyone, get a move on". You are then given the Paintinator, which is there solely for the purpose of....well you can.....maybe it's for something later cause there's no point in having it now other than it gets you some early easy point bubbles and simply because it's the paintinator. Go across a series of spike traps while listen to the pleas of dying soldiers saying things like "IT BURNS!" and thanks to the scenery of the stage and general feel, you just can't help but laugh like the ******* you are. Go a bit further to find a soldier and random block stuck to the stage. The soldier tells you to grab onto something quick, and suddenly the entire level flips 180 degrees! Normally, I'd call this cool and exicting, but because it happens so suddenly and without warning, you usually end up missing the block and fall into the black mists below. Perhaps making this part happen only when you actually grab the block would make a bit more sense in my opinion.

Moving onto the next part of the level, you are placed in front of some retracting platforms. Climb your way across them, hopefully without hitting the electric (or possibly flaming) spotlights. Go through them all and you will hit the next platform, which launches you high into the next area up a well lit and very shiny column. The next couple of areas is just some more launchers, retractables, and a lot of randomly placed spikes, fire, and electricity. Getting through it isn't all that tough, just watch out for occasional BS deaths were the launcher goes too fast, misses you and causes you to die for no reason. And then OOH another Paintinator, hopefully this time we can actually do something with it. (goes in a bit further), nope looks like it'd just used for some easy points again, totally useless just like last time. Go through a squishing platform set, and the soldier ahead tells you to watch out for the bombs that are being set for the area ahead. A button will be there, screaming to be pushed. In doing so, the path opens up (as the bomb squad is blown up in the process), and it leads to a rather fun part of the level; the fire logs. This doesn't take much of a brain to figure out: simply go as far as you can before the log hits you, and either go down or into the background or hang on a platform until the log rolls past, and the whole thing is just generally fun.

Reaching the bottom platform you reach "GASP" ANOTHER PAINTINATOR!!! Maybe THIS time it will actually do something productive for the level! (........!) ARGH! Nothing, absoultely nothing. You shoot a fire ball that originally just moved back and forth on it's own but this time you need to shoot it 5 times before it starts moving back and forth. Suck my Goodness gracious!, if you are going to go through the trouble of putting the paintinator in your level, and even ADVERTISING it by saying it now has extra paintinator support, at least have the dam thing actually DO SOMETHING! Don't bother throwing it in if you aren't going to do anything with it.

The rest of the level is a fun wheel that you push down a series of ramps using your momentum, and finally hit the end of the stage. So, how is the level in general? Satisfying, for the most part, yet also not so.

It's satisfying because for the most part it gives you everything you want in a level: funny humor, decent platforming, and generally well scripted dialogue combined with a humorous environment.
It's also not satisfying because aside from the backgrounds being bleh, it also is a significantly worse stage because of the paintinator. Yeah, I said it, the paint gun actually takes a level that was great on it's own and made it worse. That's pretty darn sad if you stop to think about it, simply because the paintinator by design is supposed to enhance levels, yet the neglect to use it properly or without thought has actually managed to cripple the level to a degree. It's really quite a shame since the level by itself is easily good enough and feels a lot less convincing once you add a useless accessory. Either do it right, or don't do it.

Final Score:
7.5 / 10
Would've been an easy 8 or possibly 8.5, but the neglect to properly use the paintinator is really a massive con of the level in many ways. You'd probably just be better off taking it out RR.

On a side note........ah forget it, I have nothing to say today.