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The LBPCentral Spotlight Crew would love to take this moment to appreciate a wonderful entity in our LittleBigPlanet family, the one and only LittleBigPlanet Karting! Since it's release back in 2012 everyone was given the experience of a kart racer with customization beyond other racing games out there. Creators were able to grasp the ability of created 3-D environments ranging from mere race tracks to brawling battle arenas and even levels that don't have karts required, but a standalone experience on its own.

From our snazzy-looking karts and costumes to the previously mentioned 3D level creating, creators took their skills to their test and have created incredible worlds with the editor -almost 200,000 levels published!- and the racers themselves took on the competition for being the-top-of-the-top! Now, LittleBigPlanet Karting may not be the best game out there, there are gimmicks here and there but that's ok. No game is perfect, and not every game can pack quite some potential like Karting can, which makes it still today a valued treasure to our community.

We would like to take episode 138 to give karting the full-spotlight it deserves as it has waiting for a moment to fully shine! Don't worry about the LBP2 and LBPV levels for this episode, they will be featured next episode along with the next batch of spotlight levels. For now, please enjoy a stroll through these spotlighted levels that were in the Karting Forum for this episode, it is completely amazing to still see strong support for the game!



https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/1399724/preview_image_128x128.pngCTR : Papu's PyramidAdriSC84Remake from Crash Team Racing with more details inspired from Crash Bandicoot 1. A true Papu's Pyramid of PS3 ^^ Enjoy ;)

Crash Team Racing is a beloved gem to the well known series and I really loved this creator is giving a tribute to the game but re-creating of the awesome tracks in Littlebigplanet Karting. As you enter the race you are welcomed by a wonderful jungle themed track where in the center lies a huge pyramid packed with very detailed set pieces that leaves you full of wonder as you race around this track. Be careful of those booby trap plants too, since they are known to smash your kart if you vehicle ends up driving under the deadly thing!Who can call himself a racing-game fan and not played and loved Crash Team Racing? That's just why great levels that recreate that brilliant gem like this one are totally worth a shot. Get ready to race through an awesome pyramid, a desert filled with deadly-plant-kart-eating-monsters and a wonderful display of attention to detail that is present from the moment the engine starts to the very last second of the race!

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/694639/preview_image_128x128.pngCTR : Oxide StationAdriSC84Célebre circuit version ps3 du boss final de Crash Team Racing : '' Oxide Station ''! .. est un long circuit situé dans l'espace et a quelques très long sauts ! Ca a été très dur de le terminer comme il faut * cause de la surcharge ... J'ai fais au mieu

In the depths of a weird factory you go that will bring you nostalgia if you know the classic PS1 games (also on PS2 as well) of the series of Crash Bandicoot! Right when we began I thought we were diving into a sewer or something going through these pipes but it ended up completely different. Its like a sewer in space but this time the deadly stuff is gas, so I guess that's where Oside from the level title came from. Wow, well um, I guess we learn something everyday.Oh these Crash Team Racing tributes just get to blow my mind when they are recreated with this amount of effort! Going through this bizarre and kinda radioactive sewer proved to be one of the most thrilling CTR inspired levels in LBPK. You'll need quick reflexes and a steady wheel to face the bumps and turns which can take you by surprise, and I'd also recommend not to stare too long at the beautiful scenery you get to see on the longest jumps. You know, one second of distraction can totally get you vaporized in this game.

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/787043/preview_image_128x128.pngCTR : Cortex Castle HDAdriSC84Improved version of my level Cortex Castle from Crash Team Racing. Try this one and tell me if you feel the difference ;)

Welp, this just proved so much to me in a short little time. This can easily feel like a breather to an open world game, and the exploration in just a mere race is mind-blowing! The castle is incredibly huge, I mean like vastly enormous! Not just the size that will get to you, oh no, but the detail is like a sculpted masterpiece and feels exactly like a castle in the inside! It's one of those scaled comparisons that can show how powerful this game can be. Enjoy racing inside and outside of a castle that has been remade in HD form from this creator's previous castle for Crash tribute. Which reminds me, I got to do a comparison on those two!Shame on me I can't recall this track on CTR. But man I can totally assure you this will be as close as it can get because this level just blew the roof. Not literally of course, this castle is so well built I couldn't find a single bug in the level. I mean, the design is great, the detail is awesome and the castle is so huge it is what we creators fear as a potential lag making factor. Good thing there is none. But above everything, this track is fun. CTR fan or not go queue this level already.

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/1418084/preview_image_128x128.pngThe CroodsXdsmmatXDo you know The Croods? They are here in LBP Karting, welcome in their universe. ( Adaptation of the movie ) Have fun

Do I know the croods? Yes, yes I do. Do I know how much of a talented and gifted creator you are? YOU BET! Holy cow, I can not describe what I see here, I literary forgot that this was a tribute to the animated feature film about a cave man family and their antics. Sooo much detail is packed you can't even finish the race without saying YES YES YES YES every time as a new element introduces itself as you race towards the line! You got yourself a desert and a forest which are heavily decorated and feel like a perfect touch with the right proper items used to make it in a certain tone too grasp a feel of the animated movie. There are a lot of well animated animals such has monkeys hanging from trees and other animals that whiz by you as well as customed animal weapons that you can shoot! Detail is at its finest and you need to play this wonderful masterpiece now!When I first saw The Croods back at the cinema I couldn't help myself but thinking... What a great movie. And this track is just what a tribute is supposed to be. Right from the start, the intro is actually really funny where you can notice the grandma from the movie. Then, the track! It is divided into two sections, more or less just like the Crood's world in the movie. Be warned though, that if you are lucky (or talented) enough to arrive while being the first place to the transition between those two sections of the track you better secure your jaw with something or you may lose it. This is the way Karting create mode should be used. Fantastic!

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/1408512/preview_image_128x128.pngRally Challengescorpio1357Rally stage with timed sectors. Rally kart & my Monaco F1 kart are up as prizes if you are under the time in ALL 4 sectors. Drift for a higher score.....besides that, it looks cool! After a real challenge - TRIANGLE switches between Normal/Night/Fog

What I really love about this level is that it is different from a regular racer. This time, you are on your own in a customed rally kart! A big blue vehicle at your command ready to go drifting though a timed race as a challenge to your behalf. There are four sectors, and you can see on your HUD screen there are four timers on the left side which well times you of how long you take each sector to complete. With a recommended emphasis of drifting, this can easily be an original concept while a great inspiration to others. Let me be honest with you. I didn't like the Rally levels that the story mode offered us. Anyway, this level just arrived to change my opinion about the potential of the Rally concept in LBPK. Get ready to drive a totally new vehicle, that in my opinion has some really, really awesome and balanced controls, so much that you evel feel at times they are better that the original ones, as you race through this track going throught the checkpoints before the timer ends! If you wish to make it on time, use the drift guys! You can win some really neat prices if you do.

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/1426600/preview_image_128x128.pngAttack On The AtollsgivingtheguidThree islands, Eight sackmen, Many weapons, and only one winner. Enjoy my first battle track. many thanks to my friends and the community. please like-heart-review!

Talk about a breath of fresh air! Its nice to add a little mix with a very huge and epic battle awaitng your trigger button to rack up the score for first place! The outside place is very vast that carries out on multiple islands full of live-ness and charm to pass by while looking for your pray. A nice timing on one of the ramps and you can get a really great view of the whole map including all of the island and the side where there are a whole bunch of boats sitting in the water. It's a great battle with a great view, it makes winning even harder but even more fun. Attack on the Atolls is the only battle level we are featuring this special episode, but what an arena did we find here! The description "Three islands, Eight sackmen, Many weapons, and only one winner." is very accurate indeed. This will be chaotic. This will be explosive. And this will be fun! I really loved the concept of having different islands, you get a really intense sense of excitement as you soar through the skies after taking a bounce pad to land in the middle of the heat of the battle. If you can, grab some friends and get on this arena as soon as possible. My psychiatry degree of the LBPKarting University recommends a good dose of blasting-other-people-karts in a daily dose to keep stress levels low, after all.

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/1412488/preview_image_128x128.pngThe Great EliminationgivingtheguidGet a good start! Because the eliminations will soon begin. Every 20seconds the racer at the back will be eliminated from the beautful rolling green hills and dry desert. Don't fall to the back of the pack! As always please like&heart and review

Correct me if I am wrong, but this is the first time to my experience that I saw a race with an elimination mode! Talk about a great use of logic and a smart mind to pull off such a challenge in this race, as it got so much harder to win! Basically there is a timer that sets off every 20 seconds. When the timer hits zip, then the last place guy gets eliminated from the race. This happens over and over until you get a winner so pretty much you have to time your moves correctly to survive and that finish line will be harder to reach than Mr.Everest. If I was the personification of pure evil I'd love this level. Guess what, I do. This level's concept is wickedly fun and addictive. And EVIL. If you are the slowest one in the race you will get eliminated after all. I believe I once saw a thread talking about the logic of how to make something like this work, but this is the first time I actually saw it applied in a level. You are going to have a great time trying to finish as the only survivor. May the odds be ever in your favor sackthing.

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/533691/preview_image_128x128.pngGAME OF sack THRONESvv0lf_Midnightbased off the hit tv show "game of thrones" race through the opening scene as buildings rise around you and fly with dragons over winterfell.

Silence the ravens.. Ok I should not be saying that because I am one of those very few people who have not seen the show yet nor have read the book either. As popular as it is I'll get to it eventually, hopefully, oh hey look a tribute! Well, I do not know much but this was epic! A fantastic castle exterior is built and you are racing amongst the lands like its a mini RPG setting sort of and the race gets heavy. Really great details in a big map that is well executed, and not to mention when you hit one particular jump, you can pretty see all of the land which is stunning and a great ariel view wonderfully pulled off!Not liking this level is like... Avoiding all the spoilers of Game of Thrones that flood the internet. That is, impossible. Have you ever seen the opening scene of GoT? Well, this level grabbed that concept and built a track around it. And the result is fantastic! The way the pilars and the walls and the castle builds around you is amazing, and you even get to fly in the back of one of the dragons! I seriously don't want to spoil you anything more about this level. Like Ned Strak d... I mean he'd be so proud. Go queue it.

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/461408/preview_image_128x128.pngBIOSHOCK: rapture race!vv0lf_Midnightinspired by one of my favorite series bioshock. this level is an underwater race through the crumbling city rapture filled with adam hungry little sisters and big daddys made to the closest detail, have fun and be sure to hit the like button.

Yes I have no played the first two bioshock games, but I have made my way slowly through Infinite. Rapture, though, looks absolutely epic! I know the main thing is that there is this guy who is in an underwater city, and the best thing is that's all you really need to know to enjoy this and it might be even better for those who know more about the series. Racing underwater makes a nice effect especially the neat echos and reverbs as if you are below the surface. You will see Big Daddy and the little sisters which were brilliantly made by hand and looks really cool too.Karting creators can relate when I say that creating an underwater notion is not easy. Except for this guy. What a masterpiece of a track has he created. Worthy of some MarioKart-PS3 crossover game! And not only the ambience, the track design is fun and brilliant, and you'll better watch out for Big Daddy and Little Sister as you don't really want to get impaled or crushed or drilled while being on first place, do you? Bioshock fan or not, this is a level you will enjoy for sure.

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/281677/preview_image_128x128.pngThe CaveBongSoldierWelcome 2 The Cave! Enjoy the colourful scenery while rushing through the mysterious and vicious depths of visions! To avoid any unplanned hallucinations, don't touch any pink mushroom!...or was it the green one?....blue? Hey my hand is growing............

LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS! Is what my friend said when he heard me listening to Ellie Goudling. I decided to mentioned to that because there is a lot of LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS which made this cave a visually stunning eye candy experience for a racer to enjoy. Colorful scenery in a closed in cave shines really bright along with some awesome decorations like mushroom to increase your praise of a art-ful interior of a tunnel full of wonder and pretty LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS!Even though you'll probably feel a little dizzy after playing this level I have to say this is one of my favorite tracks of the episode. Watch out for the mushrooms as you may begin seeing rather odd stuff, why don't you smack your opponents with one instead? This track may not be very long but all those colors and sharp turns make it a really fun one, both graphically and in terms of playability. And I mean it, this track is beautiful. Those colors, those lights! You will not regret queuing this one!

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/79505/preview_image_128x128.pngEgyptian Dream Racex__Fenris__xEgyptian Dream Race

I am not sure if we have spotlighted this before, but if we wanted to give it the benifet since it's a special episode after-all! This is most certainly a race in a dream as there is so much epic-ness happening at once! Fire balls are coming from sky and landing about as you drive to the finish line. This can be a bit crazy but it is certainly up to a challenge for those type of players out there! Well I hope this hasn't been spotlighted before in LBPC but even if it was what a level! It proposes to create an egyptian ambience and it succeeds, exceeding all expectations! You can even press triangle to trigger an special honk and you can choose between 8 different music tracks to hear while racing through this chatotic Egyptian race. Did I mentioned you get to see this track both in day and in night? And it looks beautiful in both times. Horus would be proud.

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/1217714/preview_image_128x128.pngBoardwalk LaneArc_Archeologist
BoardWalk Lane

A neat wasteland in a way with a focused structure you will noticed as you are racing around the track. I don't know about you guys but it reminds me of the map "Rust" from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ( no i am not a average cod player). It has a building that is well built that really reminds of players shooting me down in COD in that small map and the wastle land route is a really detailed and neat path to expose yourself to.
Nope, I have never played CoD so I can't really relate to what Hyper is telling you guys, but this track is totally worth checking out! It might be a little chaotic here and there with some sharp turns and drops, but man, this tracks feels so polished and professional, I feel this should have included in the Story mode, maybe as a part of the Hoard planet. Make sure to mind the shortcuts! Those extra weapons can really make the difference out there!

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/1409176/preview_image_128x128.pngRecording StudioBlueMorpho008Musicians and music lovers alike can take this journey through a recording studio. DONT TOUCH THE INSTRUMENTS

BOOM BOOM! Ain't a better feeling than letting the music flowing through your body and better yet through the tracks of a race. You are in a recording studio that is well designed and brings a lot of funky-ness to the table without being a shamed and your kart will dance to the beat as easy as pie. Prepare to jump of recording boards and travel through flashy lights that will make you think Avalon's brother must be somewhere hiding and dancing about with his crazy disco antics.Can you feel it? The funkyness floods this level so much it can be felt from miles away. Or kilometres, your call. Anyway, if you loved Avalon's brother's tracks, you're going to love this one even more. This track consists of two totally different routes, both completely astonishing, fun, polished, neat and full of that Funky Power that we all love and need. Go put your most funky costume and get to play this one ASAP!

https://lbpk-production.s3.amazonaws.com/player_creations/850130/preview_image_128x128.pngRuins of Lost Time Ver. 2GGAvatar013Welcome to the realm where time has no meaning, a place where reality is what you make of it. Special thanks to the creations of my fellow creators; xEnergiie-Drink and Itachifox. Hope you like it cuz I really worked hard on It :))

Great recognition comes great masterpieces for us to behold. This somehow hits me back all the way to when I watched Land Before time, but I'm not sure if that has any context to this level what so ever. Anyways, ruins come at a surprise, ones even beyond your wildest dreams. One time you are swaying through a ancient landmark and the next think you know the pretty set pieces and decorations get stuck with flashes of white light until yourself encounter one and it sets you on a race of time travel! Enjoy yourself as paradoxes haven't been more enjoyable.Oh my this is chaotic. I have used that word a couple of times before in my reviews but this level truly deserves such adjective. But, this is ordered chaos. This is a beautiful chaos. This is a fun chaos! Get ready to experiment a race through the fourth dimension, exploting Karting's "special effects" potential at its best. You can feel you truly go back and forth in time while racing throught this Ruins of Time. I can't help myself but stating that not ever have been everyone from Einstein to Hawking more proud of a LBPK level before.

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Want to see some karting levels in action? Here are some fantastic recordings to view at your pleasure courtesy of Rocketcheetah (http://rocketcheetah.com)!


LittleBigPlanet Karting: Maypole Grotto by Bobbbio_


LittleBigPlanet Karting: Puppet Creek Ridge by puppethand666




Where do I start with my journey of karting? From the day when the first poster was hanging out at the PlayStation event? From the days where people where scorching through the interwebs and anticipating the beta codes? Or when I finally got my hands of the game which I thought was sold out since I found it near the men's underwear department in Target around 1AM on Black Friday. The adventure grows through many of the races and battle arenas, from even playing with friends all the way to spotlighting what this game has to offer. It's been crazy since 2012, and we are near 200,000 levels very soon and that's just epic!
I have been Karting for over a year now, and I gotta say, I really love it. It's a shame that there are some people who haven't played it, or never had wished to play it. I would like to thank the Spotlight Crew, as they really pushed me to buy it on day one. Needless to say, I haven't looked back. Karting is very unique with it's 3D design and awesome little karts. I mean, who doesn't love to see our ever gadding sackthing riding in a Kart? Anyways, it's up to you. However, I deffinetly recommend buying Karting if you haven't already. You should post some stuff in the Karting Level Showcase, and hey, maybe even get Spotlighted?
You know, Karting is more important to me than most of all the other games out there. True, I don't play it much lately, but this game was the first time I was invited to a closed Beta on a LBP game. You had to see me! I built like twenty levels just inside the Beta. I even won a competition in Beta-creating I just loved this game. And it was precisely after that that I truly became an active part of the LBP community. All thanks to this game. I know it is not perfect, it has some bugs here and there. But I also believe this game is really fun, and I've seen some things and levels so impressive that makes me think this game has got a potential little people can grasp. The positive thing is that this episode's length just proves that Karting is not dead, nor will it be for a long time. And for everyone who is doubting this game is actually any good... I hope you believe me when I tell you it truly deserves you attention.


Lastly, a gift to celebrate all things LittleBigPlanet Karting!

Free Wallpaper and Signatures!





We hope you all enjoyed this wonderful batch of karting spotlights! A big big thank you to those who have supported karting from submitting levels to creating them, along with other activities you participated in and out of the game. You are truley sack-heros and we can not thank you enough! If you do not have karting anymore, or if it is still in the dust on your shelf, I hope this special gave you another reason to give it another go!

http://i.imgur.com/AvKOos6.png (http://www.littlebigplanetarium.com/topic/5617-a-song-i-wrote-for-littlebigplanet-karting-962012/)

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Once again a big big thank you to the karting supporters, you mean a lot to this community! :)


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Now that's what I call a special Karting episode. Awesome stuff.

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Personally I loved how this episode turned out; there was a lot of effort put into it, specially from hyper, a big thank you for this one! I believe this game is somewhat underestimated most of the times, so I'm glad it gets to show it still rocks and it rocks hard! So many jewels this time in Karting!

Oh and if you were disappointed not to see the Vita/LBP2 sections this time around worry not, as they will come as usual in the next batch of spotlights.

As Hyper said, an ENORMOUS THANK YOU! to all the Karting supporters in LBPC! This one's for you guys :D

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This makes me want to play LBPK Again!

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Holy crap a tearaway them that practically looks as if mediamolecule made the level thats amazing

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