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06-10-2014, 03:35 PM
As requested by gipsy, a nice simple way of using score bubbles to enhance your level should you so wish. Something to note though, it's primarily for levels where you don't have the score showing on screen (HUD). There's loads of scope with this but it was used within my level To bee or not to bee (https://karting.lbp.me/v/thmm) to create a short burst of added speed and handling.

The idea is simple, luckily for me.

On the spawn point place these gadgets:
Score Giver
Score Sensor
Handling Tweaker

Connect the Score Sensor to the inputs of the Timer and the Handling Tweaker
Connect the Timer output to the Score Giver and also the Timer's own reset

Set the Score Giver to
Score -9999
Input Action: One Shot
Scorer: Just You
Team: Any
Multiplier: Just Score
Timer: 0.00

What this is doing is resetting the players score back to zero following the boost or whatever effect you want

The Timer set to
3sec (or however long you want the effect to last)
Input Action: Count Up

Score Sensor set to 10

Lastly the Handling Tweaker, this is where you can do whatever you like to create whatever effect you want. Just remember after the effect has occurred the game will default back to normal settings.

One last thing important thing with this. You'll need to ensure your Score Bubbles are far enough apart on the track so you don't run into another one before your effect has worn off.

Hope that all made sense.

06-10-2014, 05:16 PM
Very nice! Thanks for putting this out there. Would you mind including a picture of the gadget layout? Seeing a picture along with the description always seems to help me from messing up!

A couple of comments or questions:

1) Is resetting the player score really necessary? Or is the score sensor sensing your total score, not what you just picked up? Similarly, wouldn't this boost result from other score methods like hits/defending/spinning/drafting/drifting?

2) With the "count up" or "count down" settings, you don't need to attach the output to the reset. Subsequent reactivations automatically reset the timer. Attaching the output of the timer to the reset with Count up and Count down have sometimes resulted in some weirdly timed resetting upon reactivation (particularly too soon). The default timer setting will require the reset input activation in order to reset, otherwise it remains full regardless of subsequent activations. I use default if I want something to stay on after a certain event and time, and I use Count up and Count down for things that will be activated multiple times.

3) You can add a delay into your set up, or a "cooldown", using another timer on Count down and a NOT gate and an AND gate. Have the original timer output plug into the input of the Count down timer (set at how long you want your cooldown to be), which has its output plugged into the NOT gate, then plugged into the AND gate. The score sensor plugs into the AND gate as well, which plugs into the Handling tweaker. This *should* cause a chain of logic as follows: get score, activate handling tweaker (timer is off, through NOT it is on) and timer, timer ends, activating the score reset and the cooldown timer (now on, through NOT it is off) making sure no subsequent activations of the Handling tweaker happens until the timer is finished (because half the AND is off until then, regardless of picking up more score. I have a similar set up on my Challenge of Sackulese (copyable) (https://karting.lbp.me/v/qb12) level to give a cooldown on your weapon use.

4) Have you had a problem with depleting bubbles too much on your levels, to where it's hard to find new bubbles to get a boost on the final laps? Do you think having a few emitters out to replace a few bubble patterns would be unnecessary?

Awesome idea. I have to remember to use it!

06-10-2014, 07:18 PM
Thanks for making that Great Tutorial.
Like Stjimmysaddiction, I would appreciate to have pictures ( as a non english-speaker), at least the picture of the microchip on the spawnpoint.
Even if evrything i easily understanble.

06-10-2014, 08:54 PM
In answer to your comments

1. Resetting the score is fundamental to how this works. After much testing I found that drifting, boost, hits etc don't give a score of 10 which is what the sensor is looking for.
2. I found occasionally that glitches would creep in without the reset connection on the timer, such is the way with Karting sometimes! When connected the issues didn't come back so I left it.
3. This tutorial was made primarily for new creators to a different way to affect the kart during a race and therefore I kept the logic to a minimum so it would be easily understandable.

Thanks for taking the time to go through it though and I have to admit that i do prefer your solution!

How do you post pictures on here from Karting?

06-10-2014, 09:58 PM
How do you post pictures on here from Karting?

If you have a picture uploaded to lbp.me, you can use the "Insert Image" button on the top of the posting box. Click the "From URL" tab, and copy paste the URL from the picture location at lbp.me. Deselect the "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" box.

If you're wanting to use a picture of logic or things invisible during the race, you need to take a picture of your screen and upload it with the "From Computer" tab. This seems easiest with a phone.

That's my best knowledge of how to do it.

06-11-2014, 06:17 AM
If you're wanting to use a picture of logic or things invisible during the race, you need to take a picture of your screen and upload it with the "From Computer" tab. This seems easiest with a phone.

Yes, it was the 'invisible' logic that I was struggling with. Thx