View Full Version : Lower the heat!

06-15-2014, 08:08 PM
Having just across this problem whilst finishing my latest creation, The Castle Grounds (https://karting.lbp.me/v/v4oe), I thought I'd share my solution.

Received message on screen "Your level is overheating, try removing objects"

It's happened to me several times before but that has always been on track levels where there are a number of easy steps to lower the thermo (creation budget, left hand side if screen) which have already been covered in other tutorials.

This level however is built as a 1st person view mini adventure and is based on an 'arena' style or 'battle' format. You get much more creation budget (or it seems so with this format) but that's probably because it doesn't get eaten up by the track and those fences!

Anyway, enough background.

The solution I found was to reduce the size of the playable area. Simply use the track/arena edit tool in the popit, obviously in my case it was 'arena' I needed, and just crop away to as close as possible to the edge of buildings, pathways, anywhere where the player won't be going.

It looks like it makes no difference to the thermo but suddenly no more problems for me and managed to finish the level.

Hope this helps other Sackfolk not to consider throwing their controllers through the TV, as I nearly did after spending a good amount of time trying to solve this.