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06-22-2014, 12:11 PM
Before you say that this glitch is old, I'm fully aware of that, but due to a rather noteworthy discovery I made about the glitch in LBP Vita (such as the different tool used and the effect the glitch has on Materials), I thought I should start a thread. Because why not? :P

First, I should start by saying that since Close-Level posts cannot be resized (or snapped to a certain size, rather) in LBP Vita, you'll need to choose a Powerup to be the tool instead. It can be any Powerup you want.

So to make the tool out of a powerup, you need the following.

A Tethered Jetpack
The Powerup you want to turn into the Twisting Tool.

Once you have those, follow these instructions to make your Twisting Tool.

With Popit Cursor, hold R and select the Tethered Jetpack.
While still holding R, select the Powerup, then release R.
Once both of them are selected, lightly push up on the Right Stick. When the Jetpack shrinks, immediately let go of the Right Stick and press Circle. (This technique can be referred to as the Shrinking Jetpack)

If done correctly, you should now have your own Twisting Tool. (Side note: this trick also works in LBP2, though it hasn't been tested in LBP1 or LBP PSP)

To use it...

With Popit Cursor, hold R and select the Twisting Tool.
While still holding R, select the object you want to twist, then release R.
Once both of them are selected, push up on the Right Stick. When you have the object at the angle you want, release the Right Stick.

This screenshot shows how that the angle of the tool affects how objects are twisted, with this being the default angle. The other angles produce... interesting effects, so try them out. You can't break it. ...I think.

Now for how Materials are affected differently from LBP2.

Unlike LBP2, where twisting Materials just messes up their lighting, Materials twisted in LBP Vita retain their shape (as seen in the screenshot), but the hitbox still goes flat-ish, and most, if not all Materials have no texture on the back of them to them (so you kinda have to do that yourself).

An important note as well: After you twist a material, do not edit the material in any way, shape or form unless you're using the Shrinking Jetpack trick. If you do, the material will disappear (at least visually). Don't know why it happens, it just does.

Once you get the hang of it, you can make some pretty impressive stuff like this:

Or this:

Or even this:
(apologies or the blurred image quality)

So yeah. Another reason why LBP Vita's my favorite LBP game. ...next to the upcoming LBP3. :P

(Disclaimer: I take no credit for any of the glitches or techniques in this thread)

08-01-2014, 09:13 PM
Note that you can crash your PlayStation Vita if you use it incorrectly (ie. changing the thickness of a glitched object to water thin or rotating a thin object) and it will show the black screen of death. It will say "An error has occured. The PS Vita will be powered off".