View Full Version : More awkward requests

07-02-2014, 03:44 PM
I don't expect these at all, but you gotta be in it to win it.

LBP PSP level pack.
And only if LBP1 and 2 become level packs, because if they're giving up sales on the two main games, then heck, you may as well give up on the worst iteration of all.

Sticker consolidator.
Basically, if two or more stickers are overlapping, you can turn them into one big sticker. However, if the sticker gets too big, quality will be reduced accordingly (there would be an on-screen warning "Are you sure?" message if this happens).

Personalized music.
Basically this is a Player tweak. There would be a music object wherein the creator would choose a genre, how loud the music would play, and whether it plays from the beginning or the middle. The player gets to play their own music from the selected genre on his/her PS3/PS4 when the object is triggered. They'll choose a genre from the player tweak menu (possible in the pause menu) and they can add a song on their harddrive but they have to choose a point in each song that represents the "middle" of the song.

Substituted music.
Same as above but would turn every music object (except interactive and cinematic music) into a personalized music object (sans genre selecting). Don't like Glokenpop? Sub Tailor Swift or something for it. This would be the default setting (Edit: or not) for every LBP3 level but can be turned off by the creator.
The online players would naturally hear their own music OR the default music if they don't choose anything.