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Magic Mouth Questioner

This was a idea inspired by role playing games were you are given 4-5 answer response to a question. So in LPB3 this is a logic tool that can be placed in edit mode. What it does is this mouth can ask questions to the following player or leader, per say what you edit to, and are given answers or responses to the question below ( in edit mode player is able to label what to say and what to label the answers to say). To select a response or answer you press any of the following buttons on the shape key pad that the buttons are labeled next to (limit is 4 responses/answers). After selecting one it will admit a positive charge to a output allowing you to activate another magic mouth or any other logic input.

(Example look)

Question- No text

Answer 1- No test

Answer 2- No text

Answer 3- No text

Answer 4- No text

Player control
player all,1,2,3,4,leader
(meaning who has control of answering question)

label of character name- no text

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exactly, perfect example