View Full Version : Invisible Option

07-24-2014, 09:38 AM
Yes, I know that this seems quite pointless but really it would save a bit of thermo. If somewhere (maybe material tweaker?) There was an input that makes the object invisible it would be very helpful. Why do I say this? Suppose you want a menu option that opens while playing that is blacked out if you haven't reached a certain point yet. Well in order for that menu to not always be seen as a giant black circle, you'd either have to emit it (which are fine if you actually have a need for them) or move the menu elsewhere. I know that there are a number of workarounds but I believe that this would also be a way to save thermo space easily so you wouldn't have to use an necessary material like invisible material. Another perk would be not having to deal with invisible material which, due to its weight settings, sucks.