View Full Version : LittleBigPlanet is "floaty", opinions?

07-26-2014, 04:38 PM
I've heard a lot of complaints saying that LBP games so far have been floaty when you jump and it ruins the platforming, do you agree or disagree?

Would you like to see a change in jumping in LBP3?

07-26-2014, 06:10 PM
Comparing LBP's physics to other platforming games, yes, LBP has slightly floaty controls. That has its advantages and its disadvantages. I dunno, games like Mario Bros. or maybe Muttant Mudds have tighter jumps, and you can control pretty much very easily where your jump will land. But for me personally LBP physics have never reprsesented a problem. I am perfectly used to them and I love them the way they are, and they are far from ruining the platforming experience in LBP for me.

LBP3 will have those jumps slightly tweaked, and it was confirmed by official sources, but I believe the changes will be small, enough to please some and not to annoy old-time fans of the game.

07-26-2014, 08:27 PM
It's never been a problem to me! I kind of like the "floaty" physics, that's what makes LBP special :)

07-26-2014, 10:02 PM
The floaty physics remind me of when a child makes a toy jump, and it fits perfectly with the idea of the game being you playing with sackboy

07-26-2014, 10:18 PM
The floatiness is definitely an issue. While I got used to it, it is a huge barrier for entry for a lot of people. While LBP should not control like Mario, the controls can be tightened to make them a bit more precise. Like, reduce the imput lag and make landings more consistent. Also, layers should probably be better explained.

07-26-2014, 10:24 PM
I think that the physics are good the way they are. They are a bit floaty, but that doesn't mean its bad. Still I think it's a positive thing that they are adjusting it a little, I'm sure it will only make it better. Well I hope xD

07-27-2014, 03:51 AM
To be honest I never really noticed the floating feeling with the controls although that could probably be because I've played on the Vita...

Or maybe it's because I'm used to platforming with a mouse and keyboard. *shrugs* Either way I didn't have much trouble moving my sack character.

07-27-2014, 08:08 PM
I heard that air steering will be less brill, and that things will collide more physically with each other, but I would love to see a sensitivity option (not sure if that is physics related but it would be great to see)

07-27-2014, 09:11 PM
Although the so called "floaty" physics weren't a problem for me, I hear they tightened the controls just a bit for LittleBigPlanet 3. I hope that encourages the people who complained about it in the past to buy the game!:)

07-28-2014, 11:24 PM
They said in an interview that they were tightening the controls so "those who think the physics are too floaty will definitely notice but regular players won't notice that much of a difference" or something along those lines.

I'm fairly certain they also mentioned:
- increasing the jump height/length
- Reducing the size of sackboy's hitbox
- Improving air steering
- Making it more consistent (so standing on a corner will no longer make you jump higher.

07-29-2014, 07:46 AM
The 'floatiness' is less tangible as a mechanic, but it leaves room for improvisation. It's like learning how to walk, you find your own way. There's no definitive way to make your way through levels so why should the jumping/manoeuvring be tight? If anything, it's just nicer.

07-29-2014, 08:03 AM
I only noticed it if the creator of a level made awkward corners. Corners just don't go well with LBP engine but it's easily avoidable.

07-29-2014, 06:55 PM
- Making it more consistent (so standing on a corner will no longer make you jump higher.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
I loved doing right/left corner jumps :(

07-29-2014, 07:42 PM
I loved doing right/left corner jumps :(

I had the exact same reaction, he mentioned that technique when talking about tweaking the physics but I don't think he specifically said they were getting rid of it.

08-01-2014, 05:55 AM
At this point I've already adapted to the "floaty" mechanics. But if you want my opinion, then personally I'm okay with it.

Besides, some levels heavily rely on the floaty physics already.