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07-29-2014, 04:48 AM
Here is another poem I wished to share which I made back during the fall/winter of 2013. It was an assignment for one of my creative writing classes in college.

I hope you enjoy http://i.cubeupload.com/3Jq14z.png

Twisted Reflection

Into the booth I go
to stare at the mirror below
At what my eyes do see
makes me feel quite uneasy

As I stare into the abyss
it's very hard for me to miss
What's captured in the tiny section
is shown to me in a shiny reflection

Up above my head lights glare
nearly blinding my uneasy stare
What was captured is hard to describe
but no longer do I wish to hide

Staring back were eyes that weren't my own
sent a chill all the way deep down to the bone
I could see the truth written all over that face
my body was occupied and in another place

Information on poem: This is a science fiction, or fantasy poem that tells the tale of a person who switched bodies with another, and the narrator is one of the people looking into a booth that has a mirror finding out for a fact that they are in another body.

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