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02-20-2009, 04:08 PM
This is a game I read about someplace, the idea is that the character is stuck in a situation that threatens their life, and you have to get him out of there. But you can only use common sense - no deus ex machina. No guys on cranes or so forth, but believable things such as a man in the jungle having a knife are acceptable.

I'll start off with a little opening story. The first person to reply has their solution judged (it can just be by the next poster) - usually the question asked is "Did (s)he?" - and it is decided whether (s)he saved the character. If (s)he did, the next person continues the story by putting the hero in another deadly position, and the game repeats, if (s)he failed, the same situation repeats.

Get me?

Jack McSetback ran through the temple, holding the idol in his hands. Of course there had been the mandatory giant boulder that had almost crushed him, but the volcano had just erupted, sending great plumes of lava down the chute he was in that ran alongside the main vent. The corridor seemed to stretch forever, the narrow opening that led into the main chamber seemed a mile away.

The lava came closer. Why did the tribe even have to build their temple so close to the vent! It suddenly seemed that Jack might have his final setback after all...

02-21-2009, 10:41 PM
Just as it seems all is lost, the giant chunks of lava rained down on him, a long forgotten booby trap opened in the floor, with Jack and the Idol tumbling down it, with the lava blocking the passage he just went down through. He lands in a pit, infested with flies. He begins toward the door a long way down the chamber, but just as he does, a creaking sound makes him bolt upright. The walls were closing in. jack begins to sprint towards the doorway. Surely he couldnt make it in time?

Whaddya think? :)

02-22-2009, 08:34 AM
Very nice. Very nice.

Jack continues sprinting, fast as he can, cradling the Idol to his chest. The door seems closer, but the walls seem too close. With a sudden flash of inspiration, Jack holds the Idol above his head, the long statue lying lengthways in his hand. As he continues running, still 20 metres from the door, the walls reach within one metre of his scared face. They reach agonisingly closer, then stop with a loud screech. Jack is sent tumbling head over heels, with the exception of the fact that he is still holding the Idol, which is now wedged between the two walls, thus sending him in an odd swinging motion.

Still anxious of losing the precious Idol, Jack begins scraping its way to the door. It makes a horrible sound, and at one point the walls lurch another centimetre, but finally he makes it. He straightens up, and turns around, to face his descent back to camp. Instead, he is faced by a ring of lava! It seems the lava has parted around the temple and then met below it, a good 5 metres across, just out of jumping distance. From behind, Jack hears the walls thump together, leaving him stranded on the mountainside, surrounded by lava.

Don Vhalt
02-26-2009, 07:33 PM
jack takes out his cellphone and phones for a helicopter. It lands and he gets in a flys to a miltary base. The army declare him there leader and he declares war on the world he builds up a big army and takes over the world before been overthrown. He then escapes but is tracked down by a secret service agent who is about to shoot him...... but his bodygaurd then shoots the secret serive guy and jack escapes.

Then he gets elected President of some random country but another country invades and he is the last person left fighting the invading army of 7,000,000, people.