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08-03-2014, 05:51 AM
This is my first tutorial. I wanted to make a tutorial about logic, but I'm still testing some of my systems. Instead, I'll show a nice trick about color modification in some materials.

I really like the DC Comics DLC. It's very complete and has a great selection of new and good looking materials, as the Fire Flakes, the Slush, the Titanium Plate, among others. One of my favorite materials of this DLC is the Liquid Lava material, which is very useful to make the atmosphere of certain levels.


But... what if you don't have this wonderful DLC? Do you have any alternative to achieve a similar effect?

Where's my lava?

Of course! It may not looks exactly as the Liquid Lava material, but it surely looks like some kind of flowing lava. First of all, you need to cover the desired area with Flowing Water material (you can dephysicalize it so you can shape it easily)

Is that supposed to be lava?

Then, you need to modify it's visual properties when on, the input action and the visuals when off.

When On:
Color: White
Brightness: 100%
Animation Speed: 10% (or whatever, but it should be the same as When Off)

Input Action: Dimmer

When Off:
Color: the one just above the yellow
Brightness: 90% (you can change it about +-2% to get a lava-like material, and you can tweak it as you like to experiment)
Animation speed: 10% (as I said, it should be the same as When On for better results. I use 10%, but you can use any percentage in both On and Off visual properties)

This is the color "just above the yellow"
And after some tweaking...
Nope. It still looks like simple water

Now, you need an higher than 100% signal, specifically a 6400% signal. If you know how to get it, you can make your own, else, it's time for a little trip to the community. SNLFFON made an awesome binary puzzle level (https://vita.lbp.me/v/946k0) where he gives away an "Extra Logic" microchip. Inside it, you'll find a microchip named "Extra Batteries", and inside it you'll find a lot of Battery microchips containing an extense variety of higher than 100% signals. The one we need is the one that give us 6400%, that is the Battery microchip with the label "OFF 100*2^(6)%"

This will do the magic

When you plug the 6400% Battery microchip into the Flowing Water input (if you configured the properties correctly), it should magically turn from this:


to this:


Thats it! Now you have a lava alternative that uses no DLC. It might not look as good as the DC Comics Liquid Lava material, but at least you can use it until you get the Premium Level Pack.

Time to swim!

It's finished... or not? Well, you can use the visual effect just like that, but if you want to add some details to make it look better, I suggest the following:

First of all, the Flowing Water is a transparent material, so if you put it over another material, you'll get some like this:

I can see through you

Also, the Flowing Water has no own brightness and it's naturally transparent, so if you set the global darkness to 100, then It will almost dissapear.

Too dark

The solution? Place a dephysicalized Neon material in the same place that the Flowing Water, shape it to fit the lava without visible corners and color it orange. With this, the lava will remain visible in the darkness and will shine nicely.

Placing the neon
Normal + Neon
Darkness + Neon... Well, we better avoid total darkness

Ok, just one more thing. As we made the lava out of dephysicalized materials, it will not burn any sackthing even if you apply the Flame danger tool.

Lava that doesn't burn. Are you kidding me?

So, you need to place a Sticker Panel in the same area of the lava, and tweak it to be invisible. Apply the Flame Tool and Hide Visual Effect, so when you touch the lava, the dangerous Sticker Panel will burn you!

Let's hide it, so Sackthings can't see it

Putting it all together, you'll have something like this:

It's nice...
...and if you add some details, it can be even better!

I recomend to play with the visual properties of the Flowing Water material, so you can get interesting results. You can't break it (I think)!

Cold lava?

I don't know much about the way LBP manages the colors, but the Flowing Water is not the only material that can be manipulated with this method. Almost any color tweakable material can have cool effects with an higher than 100% signal (in this case, 6400%), but some materials acts different than others, so you may adjust the visual properties as you like, e.g. the Titanium Plate gets a nice, more intense color if you tweak it correctly.

More intense colors
Another view, so you can appreciate the reflexes

Instead of the standard Titanium Plate colors, the oversaturated can be used to achieve better results in some situations.

My old car...
...with standard Titanium Plate...

You can place a yellow sticker and a shadow sticker in an oversaturated orange Titanium Plate to achieve a better gold color!

Golden Sack Awards
It's yellow but...
OMG! I'll make a new pickaxe!

And you can use the 6400% Battery microchips in materials like Slush:

What does this mean?

Furry Cloth:

The Corruption. It's here!

And even Sticker Panel with decorations. You can also use it in objects that accepts color tweaks.

I sense danger

I could go on and on giving ideas on how to use this visual tweak, but it's better if you test it in your own moon so you can discover them!

And now, that's all. Thank you for reading my tutorial, and I hope someone find it useful.

PD. I really appreciate if someone can tell me if this trick works on LBP2. Thanks again!

08-03-2014, 05:38 PM
Nice! It actually looks like real lava!

10-08-2014, 09:21 PM
Using an infinite value signal breaks the animations of animated materials.
Sorry for blurry image, captured it from my phone because I don't have internet right now.