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08-04-2014, 11:40 PM
I don't see many posts on this subject? I was an extremely big fan of using it in LBP2 however id like to see massive improvements on the music sequencer.

The music sequencer was a very popular part of LBP2 and people have gone onto even bigger software and started producing in real such as myself. Instrument DLC would be amazing for starters, the sound of the songs never felt right to me it always felt weak and not in your ears, so to speak. More options to make music creation flow better such as automation clips to give better effects in songs. The ability to create your own instruments would be amazing too! Something like the old fashioned synthesizers made into modern times. To be free to place notes where ever we please instead of being stuck to the 4, 8, 16th beats, if we could of-set notes that'd be cool. We should also keep the tunesdays in, they was pretty awesome! Also, the lag of the songs needs to be fixed! In music levels such as things like guitar hero the music would always lag and cause frustration. We should be able to have as many instruments as we want in our songs too. More effects other than echo and reverb, maybe something like de-pitch. With the PS4's much improved mics people should be able to sing and create harmonies but instead of using the voice recorder actually have an option to sing with the music.

Last idea, it's crazy but would be epic! An online band. For the start if you create a really nice snare sound you should be able to save it in a custom sound effect speaker thing that you get on LBP1 and 2. Once you have that sound you could build a drum kid and hook that snare up to the drum kit. Then once you have created all the sounds for your drum kit like kick, snare, hi hat, toms and open hi hat you can play it with your controller using the controlinator. Anyway back to the band, someone else can create there piano sound and another person can create a guitar or something and you could all play these instruments live across the web whilst writing your own songs. :p Anywho, I've wrote enough now aha. Hope someone likes some of my ideas!

That's all :):star::star::star::star::gopher: