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08-14-2014, 01:36 AM
This suggestion is kind of specific, and it stems from a fairly specific problem that I was running into with my last level. One of my favorite tools when using logic and magnetic key switches. On more basic levels, it's all right to use the 8 (or so?) colors that you can set for your switches to recognize. However, my last level (a fair number of future levels I'll be making in 3) was a big level. Or at least a big idea. And to build that big idea, I had to use a lot of logic tools. And in using those logic tools, I had to use a lot of distinct magnetic key switches. More than 8 (or so?)

SO I used one of my favorite features of the game: tags. Tags are great. They allow you to create an innumerable amount of unique identities for your magnetic key switches, keeping everything functioning exactly as intentioned. What isn't great about tags is sorting through them. Sure, if you've only got about 20 or so tags in your level, sorting through them isn't too big of a hassle, but the last time I worked on my last level, I had amassed over one hundred unique tags, and that's just a rough estimate. It could have been over two hundred, maybe even more. And each unique tag gets stacked on top of a large vertical list of tags, which you can only scroll through one at a time. Because of this, it would take me 15-30 seconds at a time to find a tag I was looking for. Even more when my logic-filled level caused the framerate to drop. This ended up greatly impacting my workflow, and was one of the key factors that led me to abandoning the project, and drifting away from LittleBIgPlanet 2 back in early 2013. That and the fact that it was probably too ambitious for LittleBigPlanet (2).

Still, I can foresee this continuing to be a problem in LittleBigPlanet three, so I have a couple of suggestions.

1. Allow us to categorize tags in the same way we can categorize custom stickers or custom objects.

2. Allow us on PS4 to use the touch pad to quickly scroll through tags and other similar lists.

3. Allow us to use a button to jump down 5 or 10 tags at a time. I believe it was either R1 and L1 or R2 and L2 that had no function when in the pop-it tags menu.

Any one of these would be a great help to improve organization and keep up a speedy workflow, so I can spend more time figuring out how to make a smoother walking animation and less time scrolling through the long list of tags that allow me to do so.

One other side feature I that I think would be of great use, is allowing the user to rename a tag in their tag list, and have all of keys/movers/etc. that are associated with that tag get renamed as well. There was many-a-time that I thought of a better thing to call a tag, and I had to go one by one in finding and renaming the tags on each associated tool. Often times I would miss one, and thus have a new kink in my level to work out.

08-14-2014, 02:04 AM
Categorize-able tags would be wonderful. Being able to use the touchpad to scroll through any menu would also be a fantastic addition.

08-14-2014, 01:11 PM
So, as seen in the Gamescom demo, you can use the touchpad to navigate the pop-it. I'm not sure if this applies in the way I'd like it to (with tags), but it's a very good sign.

08-17-2014, 02:48 AM
So, to clarify, I hadn't played LBP2 in a while, and my 3. suggestion is actually in the game. The problem is that with a sufficient number of tags, it's still too slow. Organization would be most favorable, along with touchpad scrolling.