View Full Version : My ideas and projects for LittleBigPlanet 3

08-21-2014, 05:05 PM
Yay! I will finally publish my ideas! I think LBP 3 will have 100 milion levels xD :D

DLC IDEAS: :royalty:
Rayman Legends Costume Pack (Costumes, stickers)
Star Wars Level Kit
Star Wars Pack 1,2 (Costumes)
Patapon 3 Costume Pack (Costumes, music, stickers, decorations)
Epic Mickey 2 Costume Pack (Mickey and Oswald)
Shadow the Hedgehog Costume

Releaser- You are creating an box above Releaser, let that box fall and Releaser will catch it. Connect button with Releaser and it will release box. You can put an object directly into Releaser in its options too. You can even put MORE objects into it :) .
Frankenstein Tweaker- BEST TOOL EVER! You can make your bosses/creatures alive without any logic!

PROJECT Drago- Best Dragon Racing adventure in LBP! Play 9 levels full of fun and action!
PROJECT GHOST.2- Second part of my LBP VITA upcoming level "Ghost". Vita version coming September.
PROJECT RPG DAWN- I will cancel my Vita series Littloria RPG, and start it on LBP 3!

If you want more ideas, comment below :3
See ya!~ ;)