View Full Version : LBP.me Profile Colours

08-24-2014, 09:16 PM
I was messing around with the CSS on my LBP.me profile to make myself a new signature when I thought of this.

It would be really cool to be able to set your favourite Pop-it colour as the main colour for your LBP.me profile.

I know this has been suggested ever since LBP.me first went into beta, but I still think it'd be a cool idea.

It could look a little something like this, except not quite as rushed...


I know this is very much a cosmetic, and pretty much pointless thing to do... I just feel like it would give profile pages a little bit more personality.

08-24-2014, 11:40 PM
I like this idea, but LBP1, LBP2, (and lbp3 too probably), all have different colours. How would it tell which to use?

08-25-2014, 12:02 AM
It could just stick to LBP3 pop-it colours, and you could just set it on your profile settings or something.

08-25-2014, 03:36 PM
I'm behind the idea. Though there was another thread mentioning how it would be cool if we could customize our popit color (primary and secondary) So imagine if we got that feature alongside this.