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08-30-2014, 05:33 PM
http://demon-heart.com/lbp/CYE-00.png (https://lbp.me/v/qs5mexz)
(VOL. 0)

In the near future, a team of Paranormal Researchers, the Gaseous Entity Investigation Science Team (GEIST) are preparing to embark on what would be their final mission. On one quiet evening, a subtle event went unnoticed by all but yourself. Alone at the epicenter of a catastrophe, you must fight your way out against enemies you cannot even see!

CYE Vol. 0 is a tutorial level for Vol 1, but it is not just a "walk in and learn the basics" level. It's got its own story, location, and events.

The whole PING system has been reworked so it should be easier to handle. Now there is a more clear indication of how soon you should fire your weapon, which now fires faster than before.

Some old enemies will return, this time in situations where you can actually SEE them, and they've been upgraded slightly. In addition, this volume introduces four new creature types, some of which will be seen more frequently in Vol. 2. You guys will like the Tip-Toe!

Data boxes are back, this time they're not just from Carolyn, but from several members of GEIST including an unknown saboteur. I finally caved in and put in some sackbots so there's a visual representation of the GEIST members, but I've tried by best to keep the sackbots and the horror seperate.

I'm pretty sure after playing this people are going to want be to go back and 'tidy up' volume one to include the varied enemy types and new PING system. I'm not going to, but if Vol. 1 ever gets 100 Hearts, I'm going to make a Vol. 2, which will be even better than this one!

Author's Notes: Just FYI, unlike the first CYE where my goal was to create a scary level, my goal for this level was to "Make a Tutorial". So it's not scary. At least, not to me. That said, it's still a pretty good level, and I'm quite proud of it. Glad to be back in "The Zone" with creating. Enjoy!

Close Your Eyes... (https://lbp.me/v/qs5mexz)

Let me know if you guys come across any bugs I have not found!

The Actual Kid
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Holy Crap! This looks awesome! So wish my PS3 was working. Queued for future playing.

08-31-2014, 01:10 AM
OHOHOHO! It's here, and it looks great! Queued.

08-31-2014, 01:51 PM
I remember vol1 :)
Queued this to see how the tutorial works

08-31-2014, 03:49 PM
Thanks for the support, guys. XD Hopefully this will draw in some new interest, and also get new players to check out Vol. 1.

Because Vol. 2 Will be nice and scary and... well....

09-03-2014, 01:54 PM
Okay I just finished this and it was great! From my review:

This is your best work yet! I got a feeling similar to Hero Academy with this one, especially with all the introductions and the new facility. My favorite part of this was probably the designs for all the PEs, which I could tell you put a lot of work into. They all have this kookiness which I love. The boss design was the best one, and his fight was pretty fun too.

This is a criminally underrated level, and you're a criminally underrated creator. I mean, all this work and 7 plays!

09-03-2014, 10:17 PM
I would change all the creatonators so they all shoot at the same range. When I got to the boss I had the creatonator that had short range and I didn't know there was another that had long range. Btw it was an amazing level, seriously underlayed :/

09-03-2014, 10:22 PM
Edit: Thanks for the comments. XD Sadly, I can't change the range of all the helmets, because then the level would be WAY too easy. You could literally shoot the moment your PING started toning, and hit something, making the range alarm obsolete. However, I CAN change the look of the final helmet up, and maybe add a temporary hologram signage that tells you to pick it up.

So far my list of fixes are....

1. The ramp on the Truck is made of neon, and that's the ONLY place it exists in the level. I can change that so save a bit of space.

2. There's a typo in the Backstory Scene. 'Investion" should be "Investigation."

3. Leon is not animating properly in the cutscene. He should walk left, jump down, jump back up, walk right, then pick up a helmet and start firing.

4. Rodney's 6th animation is happening too early and finishing too quickly.

5. Someone has found a way to jump over the power-up remover after the tutorial.

6. The Lost TV screen is spawning in the wrong layer.

7. The lift room Medusa has no respawn protection. If you run right into it for kicks, when you respawn the medusa will immediately attack you for the 20 seconds of its life. (This is less important. If you think it's a good idea to run right at it, you kinda deserve to die six times in a row.)

8. A sign directing players to shoot databoxes is needed.

9. Also the midpoint scene MIGHT need a larger detection sensor.

10. Change the look of the 2.0 Repulsor, and add a sign to it.

Double Edit: The above corrections have been made. (Except #7)

09-08-2014, 08:39 PM
Sorry for the double-post, but it has been a few days.

I track my levels on LBP.me, and I notice a lot of players are not completing this level. Are players getting lost or stuck? I need to know if anyone had any problems, so I can fix them. I've played through several times without encountering any errors, so to see so many people not finishing is very worrisome.

One of my major concerns is that players would get bored and quit during the waiting-room part. There's about 15 seconds of nothing going on to allow objects and sackbots and other objects to spawn/despawn throughout the level. If players are quitting out during this time, I will find some way to reduce the wait. (But seriously, it's only 15 seconds.)

I don't know, maybe there's something visually offensive that everyone feels too polite to talk about. Point is, I need your critiques! : D

09-09-2014, 01:26 AM
Looks good, I'll try to play it if I have the time.

09-09-2014, 03:26 PM
Queued. Will try to check this out today.

09-10-2014, 05:27 PM
So I just played this. And I liked where it was going in the idea, but the more I played it, the more I didn't like the level.

Personally, I'd be hesitant to try the second one.

Granted, this is coming from a player's point of view. My own 'player's experience' POV anyways.

Anywho. It's been a while since I've reviewed a level, but I couldn't keep quiet after seeing this level. So woot-woot!

I wasn't a big fan of the level, although the idea seemed like it could have been really fun. As to why, it was quite a few things. (small to big)

- That 15 seconds of waiting is horrible to have. After all, when it comes to audience, you have only a certain amount of time before people feel bored of your level, and since they have no clue as to how long it'll take (Unless they read "A few minutes" from the girl and assumed it would be a while, which just changing it to 15 seconds would not be a good idea either), it may cause them to up and leave. What you might have done instead, was have the girl say, "Come right in" (Maybe even after a very short call to the others) and have that 15 seconds spent walking down the hall. Now, if the walk from the spawn point + the room with the receptionist + walk down the hall with pictures + the entire conversation and training area = the time that was needed for the ghosts to spawn, then the only thing I can say here is work on not boring the player in those first 15 seconds.

- Forcing me to look at every picture. (Nice that you had the pictures, but I don't want to be forced unless it's something REALLY important)

- The movie sections were a bit boring. (Although I liked that you did custom voices)

- Why was the TV so high? (Though I liked the cutting to another shot to show what was on the screen)

- The training- When it comes to a tutorial, you do not want it to go by too quick, or too slow. If too quick, it's a lot for the player to take in (If it's a lot), and if it's too slow then it becomes very boring. In your case, it was far too slow and boring. Nothing really about it caught my attention, and I wanted to get it over with so I could get to the fun!

- Which brings me to the amount of fun the level was lacking (To me). Assuming this level was meant to be in the genre of 'horror', the atmosphere only really was working on the part where the writing was on the walls, but that feeling quickly went away on the next part. So kudos on the atmosphere on that wall writing section! (Not really counting the ghost in the room, but it helped some) And speaking of that gun, I felt as if it did nothing, which was due to only really needing to use it about 3 times; not counting the tutorial or boss.

- WHICH, brings me to the boss. How you get to boss and how you get the weapon to actually fight the boss not only felt really lazy, but the boss fight itself was boring. Now, the idea of getting an upgraded gun was wonderful! But my gawd! The moment I saw it- the moment I got it- and the moment I used it, I immediately felt disappointment. And then more dissapointment on the boss fight. Sadly, it suffered from repetitiveness, and lackment of anything to really catch my eye. (Yes, I did make up that word. :p) Now, I am a fan of Street Fighter to a degree, but the big bad ghost boss fight should not happen in a parking lot, unless SOMETHING is going on. Fire, consuming darkness, sack people exploding, or maybe even a mime 'throwing pies'. (Because they are so evil) It needs to be more engaging as a boss fight, other than the same thing for an hour (Which it may or may not have actually been). Change it up some. Make him raise the ground and have the player dodge shadowy flame balls. Have him grab the player and if the player doesn't shot the right spots in time, they will die. Quick time event! (Even though I hate those) Or maybe have the ghost summon a mime and have it throw pies at the player.

Other complaints:
- The detector reminded me of the plasma pistols and paper cups in Scary Movie 2. Despite all their money and minds, they couldn't have just put an indicator light on the detector? Maybe make it ping faster with the closer they got as well. And what if a ghost attacked them from below? I know it would be hard to get them from below in a game sense, but I find it funny how the geniuses forgot about the non-physical ghosts' ability to phase through floors.

- Ok, so... If they were able to make a beacon where the ghosts can't harm them, how come they didn't just make it portable? And don't you dare say it was a power issue or that it needed to be 'plugged in' because they still worked when the power went out! :grr: And don't say it was too big either! They could have made it portable or lined the walls with it, or had it in some kind of transportation device!

- And lastly. It was reeeeeeaaaally short. Far too short. First you raise my hopes through the training and the introduction to this fun game mechanic, and then you slap me! Figuratively meaning how the end seemed so slapped on! I liked that you fought the big bad ghostie at the end. I liked that you got an upgraded helmet. And I liked the ghost's design. BUT! :mad:There was an annoying alarm on ALL the time, fight was boring, too rushed into getting into, too long, boring, repetitive, aaaaaaaand it brought me to say what I am about to say-

This level has a ton of potential to be a wonderfully exciting horror game. As I was writing this, I could think of many fixes and ways to make it soooo much better. I was tempted into making an entire stage myself, just to say, 'This is what it could be, if not better!'. Personally, I say you should work on it a bit and not leave it how it is, before you work on your second one. This is the first one, and many may jump to the first to see if playing the series would be a good idea or worth their time. Personally, like I said before, it is not a great impression. But it looks wonderful, so you have an artistic look going somewhat. Though looks and graphics will only get you so far.

G'day Mate!

PS: I am not Ausie.

09-10-2014, 06:02 PM
Thanks for your critique!

1. I'll reduce the the wait time.

2. I'll look into a way to make the pictures optional.

3. I totally stand by my decision to make the long and boring cutscene, and I'm actually very glad you thought so. Later on, if the level series progresses, people are going to be able to go back to this scene and realize just how truly wrong everything is.

4. The TV was on an AV cart like you see in schools and offices.

4. I'll see about re-working the training room to be faster.

5. People have mentioned the setting for the boss, but I stand by my decision for its simplicity and environment due to this being a tutorial. I can look into lowering the amount of hits she takes, but at best, all you're supposed to bring out of this tutorial is "How to shoot the enemies properly". I don't consider the Ziz to be a proper boss fight. More like a mini-boss. So I'll lower the hits she takes by about half.

6. The Lost are not ghosts and cannot phase through floors.

7. As the data boxes in this level say, the Repulsors are placebos. The boxes do not say this yet, but the pylons are as well. This is all story stuff, and it's good that you're asking these questions! As the CYE story progresses you will learn more about the Lost, from what they are, to what they can do. I stand by

This is actually not the first level I'd created for the series. This is, again, just the tutorial. There is in fact a Vol. 1 already released that was created a year ago. In that one, people liked the atmosphere and the concept, but they found great difficulty with the system. So the Vol. 0 tutorial was created as a 'testing ground' to fix the technology, provide a safe, easy, brief, and clean atmosphere to play around in, and serve as an informational lead-in to Vol. 1.

As I mentioned in the first post, I don't find this level scary at all. It's not supposed to be. And it's funny you mention liking the tunnel portion because Vol. 1 is pretty much that the entire time, minus the better Ping and Helmet.

I'll tweak what I can, but you should consider trying out Vol. 1.

09-10-2014, 07:14 PM
Just played Volume 1! I definitely liked it more than the first one I played. Granted, there were some issues there as well, one part in particular was when I was by the electrical elevator(That was up? Not sure what it was) and I had to go through that shaft or small part. I know the girl mentioned it in her notes, but I didn't know where it was in the room since it was so dark.

But I liked it. Was sort of what I was thinking in the level designs I had been thinking of when writing the review above, though a bit different and even more gadgets. Obviously not the exact same. Would have done it differently, though that's mostly due to not knowing the story and what-not. Would have made my own if I had made my own level. Speaking of which. There was a part where one of the Lost went through the floor, which contradicts one of the things you said above.

Also, if they can't phase through floors, I wonder why they had to use the big electrical things in the tutorial level. Surely someone had to notice they couldn't go through walls. Then again, maybe they can bust through metal, I don't know, but if they are that strong, then I think them 'phasing' through floors would be them busting through and grabbin' the player! MUHAHAH!

But anywho. The atmosphere in the Vol 1 was much better. Honestly, seeing you say that the level is just a tutorial level for the test now makes me wonder why you didn't put "This level is just a concept I need to test." and why you'd want to really defend the level as if it were an actual 'level'. I mean it is a level, but giving excuses as if it were something to defend... It's an alright level, (I like the concepts anyways) you seem to know this in simply saying it was just a tutorial for a test, so it won't be anything to 'brag' about (not saying you brag or anything), and yet... Hmm... Basically what I am saying is, I feel as if I played someone's level that was finished (Because it was published and nothing said it wasn't finished), then they said it wasn't finished. Which of course you didn't ask for a review, but when someone mentions their level not getting plays, defends the level, (Which it feels more like just a tweak to the old gizmos), and-

What you should have done is just pull a (kind of) Portal and have the entire level a training course. Not necessarily stealing the idea or anything either, since I do use 'Portal' loosely. It is just one really long tutorial, and then the non-tut at the end. (Though even then, it's still as if it's in mid tutorial)

As for asking the questions, I could make a lot of guesses as to why is what, but then again, asking a lot of questions is what I normally do! Especially when it comes to game design and level design. Why is this brick here? Why are these trees outside green despite it being winter? Just how smart are these people?!?! Though if I had to guess, I would say someone is using guinea pigs and diabolicalness shall ensue! :V

Personally, so as long as they aren't demons or angels, I'm good. But that's mostly due to my urkiness towards cliches. I mean. They COULD be demons and angels if done right in some neat way. Anywho.

I still say you might as well and work on this tutorial level as it's not really what it could be. Especially when looking at the 'actual' levels. Though not sure if this new tut level is a beginning of a series, a revamp, or it takes place before or after Vol 1. Which that would be fun in a case of where it's said that both are in the same timeline somewhere, but if it's going to be the old one redone, then yeah. The level definitely needs work.

My apologies if anything here makes you mad or if it is confusing. I'm honestly not sure how to see this tut level. Seriously or not. I'm guessing not serious, though it shares some actual serious stuff regarding the actual story and the actual levels that will be made.

09-10-2014, 08:47 PM
I'm glad you liked Vol. 1 better. So do I personally, but I like V0 a fair deal as well for different reasons. Of quick note, the shaft she is referring to the elevator shaft in the next room. And no, they are neither demons nor angels, nor ghosts. The sackbot cutscene in V0 tells you exactly what they are. I THINK I know what part you're referring to with the floor Lost, If I'm right, you'll notice, at that point you're walking over a bridge, and there is a pit of darkness and tentacles below it.

There are other instances where yes, technically, they are coming out of a floor, since it's the floor above you. In cases like that it's more just game technicalities. I have some building restraints in LBP obviously. XD And I don't want to go on a long-winded explanation as to their intangibility, but think of it like radio or cell-phone signals. Those can go through walls and doors, but if you go into an underground bunker or cave you're not going to get a signal. (Unless something is sending out a signal while IN that bunker/cave at which point it's not going to make it topside.)

You might be a slight anomaly because you're the very first person I know of that has played them in the intended order, so my explanations on the 'why I made this level' may make more sense for other people. XD The tutorial is all those things you said. :D It is a tutorial. It is also the beginning of the series. it is also my way of revamping V1's flaws. But it is NOT a remake of Vol. 1. It is in no way intended to replace V1 either. : D Your assumption is 100% correct. It is less serious but "it shares some actual serious stuff regarding the actual story and the actual levels."

I think the problem is that people are expecting a better pay off for the tutorial. I didn't want to put the epic climactic battle with one of the harbingers of mankind's self-destruction through fear and paranoia at the end of a silly little tutorial, which is why I defend the quaint parking lot scuffle. It's why I have it show up, screech a bit, look impressive, take a few bops to the head and then move on. If you and others honestly, truly, and deeply believe that I should make the tutorial boss a more serious affair, I will. But doing so will require a sub-level, and it's really going to throw a wrench in my concepts down the line. What's most important in that battle is not that you fight it, but that the Ziz flies away at the end. So yes, you survived.... but what happens when it comes back later, angry, stronger, and better prepared?

Again, thanks so much for your critiques. I gladly take any advice if it will help me improve as a creator.

Here are the minor fixes I will work on tonight for this level:

1. Lower the wait time in the waiting room as much as possible.

2. Adjust Courtney's dialogue to read "Would you mind waiting for just a few moments while I get you set up?"

3. Put portrait zoom-ins inside controlinators to make them optional.

4. Put in a 'stopper' to prevent players from exiting the elevator at the end.

5. Some data boxes do not have their @LogName that I need to fix.

6. Make the tutorial shooting sequence go by quicker.

7. Reduce the HP of the Ziz down to 50-60 hits, instead of 120.

I don't know what would be the best solution to direct player towards the upgraded gun. It is absolutely necessary to fight the Ziz, but contrarily, it is too overpowered to use on normal enemies. Having the PING get removed for the boss fight is doable, but uuuuuuuuuuuuugh. Currently the PING only despawns when the players dies. changing this to include a function where another trigger will also cause it is going to have me scouring for EVERY possible PING spawn point and replacing it. If not having the PING there is desired that much, it shall be done, but eeeeeeeeeeeugh......

One last note, not once have I complained about the number of plays, so I don't know where you're getting that idea. What I said was 'not a lot of player are completing the level'. Meaning not many people are getting to the scoreboard. Which I now assume is due to the waiting room.

09-10-2014, 09:34 PM
Since I don't know how well your knowledge on creating is, or design, or anything that goes into game development, I'm gonna say what I am thinking in case if you didn't know, then you will! (Not saying you know nothing mind you)

Well it's more of a personal belief of mine that all of a game should be wonderful and encompass what the game is about. Changing a genre of a universe is fine, Metal Gear Solid with it's Raiden tangent is one example, Banjo & Kazooie with its Nuts and Bolts being another, less popular genre change. Anyways, mentioned that in case horror isn't something you wanted to go far in the tutorial. Which I honestly think it really should be one big training level, with the boss at the end of course due to it breaking out. Could be cheery before the 'simulation' gets worse. Maybe even have it to where they are doing the simulations, but it's so good the guinea pig doesn't know it's no longer a simulation. Or if there's deviousness within the staff, they do it on their own and they screw up.

When it comes to tutorials, you want it to show off what your game or series is offering. Skimping on a tutorial can possibly make the experience for the player hell or a wonderful view into what's to come. Since you have a somewhat confusing concept, seeing as how some people can be a bit tone deaf or forget the instructions, you need to give them the instructions in a way where they won't see it as boring (Which they may forget or not care if it is too boring) and make it entertaining. You want the player to come out saying, "I'm ready and willing to use these new tools!" And say it with enthusiasm and gusto!

I'm not saying story is bad mind you! Just that you don't want to present it in a boring way, especially if it's important to the story. Personally I'm not looking for a pay-off in a tutorial, unless you count the feeling of wanting to play the next installment of the series! You don't need a boss. And since you have story, a cliff hanger may work as well. What will he do with this new gadget? What can it do? How does it really work? Secrets? When I said before that I liked that there was a boss, I was simply saying just that. It happened to be in, and I liked that it was in. If it was never there and replaced by something that still would make me want to play the next ones, then blamo! All's good and fine daddy'o.

Regarding the radio waves. That's due to a few factors. If they made the walls really thick or used certain materials, then the creatures wouldn't be able to phase through them. Well... Actually, they'd try but then they'd get stuck or bounce off. Which means they could have made the walls and floors out of similar materials in case of a lock-down. And seeing as how they found a material that can hold them, unless the creatures learned to changed their wave-lengths (Though the scientists took that into consideration, seeing as how they can trap the Losts while the creatures are invisible or solid. UNLESS, they can change their wavelengths drastically. In that case, they can phase through walls, travel through phone lines, and even along someone's cell phone. But this is taking a lot of real world logic into consideration.

09-10-2014, 09:43 PM
Wow that looks so clean. Makes me want to take up full-time level designing when I see visuals these great. I'll queue it up for whenever I get LBP2 installed.

09-10-2014, 10:31 PM
Thanks, let me know if you find any places it can be improved.

@ Cryogen
Lol, there's a lot of real-world stuff and pseudo-science all included in the 17 page document I wrote to plan for Close your Eyes. There's a total of 46 different creature types I've written about for it, plus character bios, world building stuff, and what they can and can't do. I did a lot of story planning beforehand. I'm totally serious!

It bothers me a lot that I sometimes have to make the excuse that "oh, I can't change that part of the level because of story reasons." It bothers me because it sounds like a cop-out, but it's really not. And I really like hearing your thoughts on all of this! I'm kind of trying not to be too spoilerish, but I did consider a lot of the things you're mentioning.

For example, story wise I mean, did you know that if your player character had not arrived to their training session early none of the disasters in this volume or the next would ever have happened? Here's a BIG spoiler box about just one of the things that happen in this level without players realizing. And yes, this level of detail with story writing is all stuff I've considered.

While you're in the waiting room, a character (Leon) passes by. One of the data boxes mentions that Leon has been spending every night keeping watch over the specimens and now, he's heading home early. I don't expect anybody to make this connection obviously, but several data boxes hint that the Ziz has been 'speaking' to Leon. This is true. For months it had been giving Leon prophetic visions about the end of the world, and slowly winning Leon's trust. One of the visions it foretold was of your player character arriving. Leon wasn't really heading home, he was heading to the lobby to see if you were there. And since you were, he agreed to release the other, weaker Lost from captivity.

I guess less spoilerish is that the Lost exist on a sort of tangent plane of reality, like an alternate dimension overlapping our own. So while in our world we see and can interact with buildings, trees, and street lights, they only see the sculpt of the earth. Using an ectoplasmic medium they can sort of skirt between the two planes at will. So while we see a ghostly creature flying through walls, they see just a bunch of something akin to holograms, and if they squint a bit they can focus on them a bit better. So even if we make cages and barriers and complicated doorways, they mean absolutely squat.

And I'm sure now you're scratching your head wondering how the heck do you capture something like that. What's the point of the helmets, and pylons, and the facility at all if they do nothing. Exactly. EXACTLY. And that is why I want there to be a future volumes, so I can put that question into people's heads, and then right at the end reveal the answer.

Ahem yes. SO, level wise I believe what you're trying to say is that the flow of the level is askew, and some of the moments are immersion breaking. Hopefully the edits I make tonight will fix that. XD

EDIT: The above fixes have been made. There is virtually no wait time now, the tutorial room takes less than half the time to get through, and the boss takes half of the hits she used to. Wall portraits are now optional, and groups of them are linked together, so you only need to activate one to see all. Data boxes have their @ names corrected, the elevator is now INESCAPABLE (mwa ha ha) also just covered a potential workaround for the 1-Player only thing. Now I'm 90% certain you can ONLY enter this level with one player. The big boss cannon no longer has a pretentious "GET" sign, instead a small cutscene is emitted to show a new box containing it that activates when you get close. (The scene last only a few seconds.) Courtney's dialogue has also been adjusted. Pings are now ALL set to blow up before the Boss fight, so you won't have that alarm going off for the duration.

09-11-2014, 02:19 PM
Actually. The Lost remind me of Gnosis froma game I played called Xenosaga. Was a fan of the game, though only went as far as the second. I believe later down the line, they made 4 or 5, and a series, but I liked the story nonetheless.

Anyways. The Gnosis were pretty much the same thing you said. Different plane of existence, though later on in the story of the game, they used a device to bring the gnosis to our plane of existence, and then they could actually kill them. The Gnosis turned out to be like... Humans in the end or something, I believe. Don't recall. Or maybe they were just like humans in the sense that they just were another species traveling around that didn't know how to handle humans.

Also, changing a part of a game due to story, especially when we're talking level design, isn't always a cop-out. There usually many ways to work around those, unless it is something major like a certain part of a thing that MUST be there. Personally, when I write, I write the ideas of the thing I'm writing, rather than the actual world. I build the world on top of the core material, so that way, improvements and certain things can easily be changed when messing with the physical section and the entertainment value. Like a story can be told in many ways and we as creators and writers and whatevers, convey the thoughts and ideas through our mediums. When it comes to games, certain things need to be tweaked or even left out due to lacking in actual 'entertainment'. And by entertainment, I mean the stuff of your thing that people will enjoy. Of course there are little things, which tend to tell a TON more if done correctly, that aren't obvious or really told. These are the things I personally like the most, since they are the somewhat glue or just one of the many screws that help put things together, aside from the major points. Since you're making a level/game/series that is interactive, one needs to think of both the experience that the player will have regarding their input through their activity, and the experience the player will have regarding the story. A story is nice, and great even, but if one can't tell the story in a way that will catch the attention of the audience, then the story will be lost. Despite this being a tutorial (Which should never be ignored or shrugged at for being a tutorial), this is why it is important to work on the level.

The story may be good/amazing/spectacular, but if the delivery is wrong, then no one will be able to see it for what it is.

And also, if they are in that plane where they can phase through things, then them being able to go through floors is entirely possible.

Also, one more small thing regarding these geniuses. They put these creatures that they couldn't explain or really know a whole lot about AWEFULLLLY close to the surface. Even having some on the surface, especially a really dangerous one. You would think it'd be a Resident Evil HIVE thing with burying them deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep underground and have a really really long elevator. Even if they still have more trapped somewhere else, having the ones they have now above ground would be a major hazard.

09-11-2014, 04:15 PM
They put these creatures that they couldn't explain or really know a whole lot about AWEFULLLLY close to the surface. Even having some on the surface, especially a really dangerous one. You would think it'd be a Resident Evil HIVE thing with burying them deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep underground and have a really really long elevator. Even if they still have more trapped somewhere else, having the ones they have now above ground would be a major hazard.

That's one of the biggest spoilers of all, and the reason why I say that whole boring intro scene movie with the two dudes and the lady will have a lot more meaning as the level progresses. Again a good question. Whose bright idea was it to put so many monsters in the middle of the city?

Anyway, I made the tweaks so it flows better. But I'm not going to redo this level just because you think I should. My level IS fun, and it IS interesting, and it has a lot of entertainment value. I'm proud of my work, I'm proud of what I accomplished, and I'm glad I did what I set out to do. Maybe you would have done things a lot differently, that's fine.

But this is my vision for a level, and not your own. If there are changes that can enhance the experience, such as adjusting the wait time, or making the tutorial faster, fine. But after re-reading the first post you made, I'm aware you had some valid, but minor critiques, and then ultimately did not like the level because of them. But saying "Here's what you should have done with the story" no. I want to tell this story my way.

Anyway, I don't want to discuss the story in public much further. As I said, I wrote lots of information, and I want to reveal it through gameplay should the series continue. If you want to know more, then gather up your friends, and have them play Vol. 1. If I am able to get Vol 1 to 100 hearts, then I'll know the series has enough support for me to make a Vol 2.


Again, thanks for playing, thanks for helping me adjust the level flow, but I don't want to discuss this further.

09-11-2014, 05:54 PM
Well I never said you should change the story. I said tweak it or don't mention it. And by tweak, I don't mean a complete rewrite, more-so a 'white lie'. Bend the story. I'm all for one's freedom to write what they want, but when showing another, moderation is needed.

And you're right, it is all just my opinion on how the level feels to me. Although, I never said I didn't like the level. I like it more for what it could be really. The idea. Personally, the only reeeeeaaaally big issue was that boss fight and how the player got there. Felt somewhat anti-climatic really. As well as the whole tone thing, which would be understandable in a certain situation.

But I do like the idea, and I do like some of the parts in Vol 1! Not enough to really spread it around and what-not, but it was enjoyable. After all. If I didn't care, then I never would have said anything in the first place.

But I do hope you get your hearts and make the other levels! Would be a shame to let the story and idea fade away really.

09-20-2014, 09:15 AM
I remember playing Volume 1 a long time ago. The one thing I do remember about it was the great atmosphere.

I also really enjoyed this level. The attention to detail. Probably my favorite part was watching the animated monsters in the tubes. They really jumped out at me because they were stark black. Each one looked unique. Maybe there is something about monsters, but one of my favorite parts in How to Train Your Dragon was the main character skimming through the book and looking at the different kinds of dragons.

The gameplay was unique and I didn't find the tutorial section boring at all. Plus without the tutorial, there is no way I would have figured out how to stop the monsters. Which leads me to a question. Would those monsters kill me if I didn't shoot them in the right direction? Cause I didn't die the whole game. I was just curious if I'm that awesome. lol kidding.

09-20-2014, 02:42 PM
Thanks. XD

The monsters are interspered. Some of them will kill you, some of them won't. It mostly depends on the situation your sackboy is in. If you're walking down a small 1-layer hallway, most likely they will not kill you. It's not because I don't trust the player, just that if you mess up there, when the monster materializes to murder you, the big killer ones would be clipping into the ceiling while a smaller harmless one would be able to float by.

That said it is much easier to survive in this volume. So many complaints were made about Vol. 1 that the system was overhauled to make it much easier. The enemy 'get shot range' is now twice as large, while the 'kill the player range' is very small. I did a test and you can actually jump over and avoid some of them if you have a little high ground. That plus the more obvious alarm means there's no mistaking when it's time to fire.

Those were both major player concerns I heard about the first one. That plus the bland enemy design, and the fact that you never saw anything at all if you were going through properly. So I included special types you were guaranteed to see at least once. Screamers are my useful jumpscare critters, the Tip Toe will be later used in situations where you actually have to hide in lockers.

The Medusa is my #1 favorite this round. I really wanted to include it about 6 more times in this level, but each single one of them takes up a notch on the thermo, plus you can't kill them, so they're hard to find good locations for. When you get onto the lift going back up half way through, a Medusa herd was supposed to follow you there, and through the SCC, so you're shooting enemies, and you only have a short time to do so.

Three enemy types I had to cut because of Thermo. ;-; So there were no Fractals, Swarmers or Gaunts.

The Actual Kid
11-04-2014, 04:14 AM
I finally got around to playing your level, lol. It was pretty good and it has some fair detail. Also, dang those Screamers! xD Interesting concept. I take it there are already more parts out for the level?