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09-06-2014, 09:30 PM
DVLC4: "Up in the Air" Creator Interview:

1. Third time's a charm! Congrats Dawn on your win for DVLC4, it's clear that there was a lot of effort put into your entry. After taking us through sandy temples and expansive jail cells, how does it feel winning big with this level? Especially with two traits of yours that popped up more than ever here: A hell of a lot of gophers and just a general sense of silliness involved.

I honestly think this is, by far, my best level ever. I usually stick to certain basic themes with my levels but this one was quite different and unusual. I was able to incorporate a nice little side story to the level, which I usually suck at doing but for some reason I think I was able to successfully pull it off this time. Like you said earlier, there was a lot of more effort put into this level than in any of my other levels. I think it's because I loved how silly it was and that I could pretty much do whatever I wanted with it because it was that silly. So I guess you could say I'm ecstatic.

(DVLC4) Gophers Stole Our Bombs! (https://lbp.me/v/qs5wqpc)

2. Yeah, I did like how you managed to craft in a nice narrative alongside it all, while remaining consistent in your approach. The gophers' presence was never suddenly dropped and the player kept in touch with the PA guy throughout. One thing I did find interesting about the level was the option to "skip" certain sequences. Out of curiosity, what was the reasoning behind this? Did it come from previous complaints in regards to your levels' difficulty, or maybe letting less experienced players push through the story came into play with the "skip" button's addition?

If I recall correctly, there were two parts the player could potentially skip. The first part is where you are being chased by a gopher ship. I do realize that some parts of my levels are a little unforgivable to less experienced players so I usually like to add a "skip" button for those parts. That way my levels can be completed without the player being stuck on that one seemingly impossible part (I also don't want them crying themselves to sleep that night). The second part is where the player gets into a rocket launcher and has blow up the gopher ships. AVundCV (http://lbp.me/u/AVundCV) actually got stuck on one of the parts (where the player first gets into the rocket launcher up in the tower. The player is allowed to walk away after destroying all 8 gopher ships. Since the ships are emitted I was forced to use tags which activate right before the ships are destroyed. I guess lag could potentially delay that tag to turn on before the ship itself gets destroyed? Anyways I added that little skip button so players don't get stuck on that rocket launcher.

3. Sounds like a pretty handy solution put in place. Bugs are bound to make their way in all sorts of levels, really. Are there any noteworthy glitches you've experienced either from the game itself or from you/your friends' levels? And did they by any chance influence playing/creating/general nonsense in any way? I'm talking the good, the bad, and the ugly here.

There's bound to be a couple of bugs/glitches in such a massive game with tons of features.
The Good: There are some that are actually quite fun. If you time your jump perfectly while entering your pod's controller you'll end up on top of the controller and you'll be able to see your sackboy's butt. I think it's cute, especially if you wear the monkey butt costume piece from the "Even More Animals Kit".
The Bad: However, there are some that just make you want to punch a wall. One that I found was when you put a piston on piece of sticker panel and motor bolt an object to that same piece of sticker panel it'll ignore the piston's stiff property and just fall to the ground. Of course the piston is also connected to a piece of dark matter. So basically what I was trying to make was a platform that moves but spins at the same time. I ended up finding a different approach but was just confused as to why that method didn't work.
The Ugly: "Oh I see you're making quite a lot of progress on your level, I also see that you haven't saved in quite a while. It would be shame if you used the Slice 'n Dice tool to cut something up and ThE GamE FreAkinG FreEZes on yoU!!" This has happened to me countless of times and I'm at the point where I can't even.

Down the Insanity Hole! (In Progress)

4. Nevertheless, we must press on! Or rather, you must press on, I'll stick to the hub business for the time being, ho ho. Any super-secret projects you've got in the works though, and if so, would you mind dropping a hint or two about said super-secret project(s)?

Ah darn, if I had my ps3 with me right now I would upload a couple photos for you. Shame I can't, I'm really excited for my upcoming level(s)! One Is actually almost finished, I guess you could say it makes great use of the "Impact Sensor". I have another started, which is actually a remake of an old lbp level I made in my alternative account. Let's just say that it deals with cats, teddy bears, and murder!

5. Adorable gophers snatching bombs? Cats and teddy bears involved with murder? You certainly don't shy away from twisting things up, not that I'm complaining. What I am curious about though is what inspired you to take this sort off "offbeat" path for some of your levels.

In all honesty, bonner's (http://lbp.me/u/bonner123) & butterflykill's (http://lbp.me/u/butterflykill) levels really do inspire me. I just really love their style and they greatly inspired the way I create now. Like most creators, I started off horribly. After I played their levels I found out that I liked how they created and they looked much smoother and interesting, unlike mine. After watching KomodoBrothers (http://lbp.me/u/KomodoBrothers) create several times, i picked up a couple of creating techniques (like how to smooth out corners and lightning rooms).

6. Could you go more in-depth on these different tips and tricks that you've picked up on and applied to your own creations? For all the novice and aspiring creators out there who have the ambition to create, but, similar to what you said, are facing the struggle of just not liking the look of or feel to what they've made.

Well if you don't like what you made then you shouldn't even publish or continue it. You have to make sure you're having fun, because if you're not you're just going to get lazy and bomb the entire level. I feel it's easier to plan before you create because you have sufficient enough gameplay ideas before you even create. I used to create as I went along but usually midway into the level I would run out of ideas and just give up. It's also smart to place decorations on a sticker panel because then you can just copy that sticker panel and use it later on in your level without having to open your popit and look for it. If you're constantly using the same material over and over then I strongly suggest you start using the "Favourites" section of the popit(The star icon). It basically stores everything that you used in that level (I seriously only found about this feature like a month ago). There's countless of other tips but I don't want to go on a huge rant.

7. Those are some good tips to consider, I'm still discovering some great things myself from parts of the popit like that. One thing I have to ask is about.. well, gophers. Why gophers? Did one bite you when you were little? Is that why you made them steal bombs in your latest level and cover up your being a mafioso in that one game? Or should they be flattered about their inclusion in some of your thingamabobs?


In all honesty, I don't know! It's just like look at their adorable-ness! It would be a crime to not make them conquer the world in an unexpected way. I guess I could say it was because of that one mafia game where I was portrayed as "that one crazy gopher lady".

8. What about "that" cameo by Mr. Key? He's been making the rounds in LBP lately despite his clashing with the Esmerelda fanbase. Any particular thoughts about the key himself and where you'd like to see him go in the future?

I personally love Esmeralda more (pls don't kill me), but I decided to add Mr. Key to make the level brighter and stand out more. New players will be confused as to why there is a talking colourful key and maybe be a little curious as to who he actually is. I don't know, I just thought it would be a nice cute addition. He should become Esmeralda's butler (again, pls don't kill me).

Temple Exploration! (https://lbp.me/v/qq5vf-q)

9. You just made some enemies with that last statement. How do you typically handle the situation when you've done or said other stupid things before? (Not to single you out, we've all done something we regret.)

*hides from the mob with pitchforks outside my house* Oh lord, my life is filled with countless stupid mistakes that I dearly regret. I usually cry in the corner and watch Netflix. If it's something I say then I usually feel extremely guilty at first but as time passes I simply stop caring. Saying sorry won't really ease my conscious, that's why I never say sorry. The closest thing to sorry, for me, is "opsie". "Aww man I called you a fat cow, opsie."

Now actions are quite different. I can NEVER forgive myself for something I do that negatively impacts someone or even myself. For example, a couple of months ago I had a huge "female dog fit" and ended up deleting all of my levels and friends. That is something I will NEVER EVER forgive myself for doing.

10. Well, it is nice to be aware of our missteps. With that said, however, I certainly don't want to end this interview on a bad note. So finally, is there any randomness you wanted to cover but didn't, any people you'd like to throw a shout-out to? Once again, congrats on your win Dawn!

Buy me food and I will love you 5ever. Specifically burritos and lasagna. You should also get me a mocha. I also advise anyone to go give actio (http://lbp.me/u/actio1_618/comments), AVundCV (http://lbp.me/u/AVundCV), & CheshireStray (http://lbp.me/u/CheshireStray) some love because they are complete sweethearts. Except for Ches, she's evil!
Thank you so much for hosting these contests, it's nice to know that you're willing to reward some community members for their hard work. As always, I'm excited for the next competition! (:


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I regret not making you spam half the page with :gopher:

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Great interview! :)

Whats next for the DVLC? Halloween is approaching... but I'm sure DV may have something neat up his sleeve! :P


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Great interview! :)

Whats next for the DVLC? Halloween is approaching... but I'm sure DV may have something neat up his sleeve! :P


Not Halloween-themed, I'll let someone else tackle that one. It should be an interesting theme though.

Thanks for the kind words by the way! :hero: