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09-08-2014, 04:01 AM
This would be AWESOME. Just saying. We've all had that good time when the Pod glitch of LBP1 and 2 was just fun to mess around with. But imagine taking it a step foward from just putting objects in the pod. Just think about being on the moon. and you decide you wanna edit your pod with the wonderful tools the developers give you. and in the tools bag there would be a section called Pod Enhancers. In this section, it would include The pod itself which you could tweak it's material, to be bigger, smaller, wider or taller. Whether it have 3 layers or 12 layers for company to play around in, instead of going to moon and wasting a level space you might forget to delete. It will also allow you to get more decorative. Adding bouncepads or powerups, anything the pod glitch lets u do with a few miner holdbacks like destroying the pod completely. Another thing that would be nice for the pod editor is changing the pod's music. you have a selection from LBP1's version, LBP2, Possibly Vitas and LBP3's. and Depending on what planet you can decide what instrument plays like an interactive track. With all that said in done. The pod being as a prop for cutscenes in general would be great. having it activate it's cloak and stuff. Anyone else got ideas for our little hangout hubs? 8)

09-08-2014, 05:33 AM
Ever since that glitch, this has been suggested by many people to be an official option. I agree somewhat. There should be limitation though because something like this can be abused as we all saw with the glitch. I like the idea of being able to change the material and music though. I do wonder about the layers in the pod however. Since we can walk in 16 layers now, does that mean we can walk around more freely in the pod?