View Full Version : Solid/Liquid/Air Tweaker

09-10-2014, 08:26 PM
Basically, it turns materials into a solid form, liquid form, or air. Although if there is a material tweaker to turn things into other materials, and if water is a material, then tweak the material to water by the material tweaker.

Solid - You can stand on it
? Liquid - Properties of water (Assuming they actually make water a material rather than a whole world effect)
Air - Player and objects can pass through.

If something is in the air or water material, then the material is turned into a solid via tweaker switch, then the object is destroyed, molded into the new solid, or the tweaker can't activate.

Also have options to allow tagged things through or not. If a player or has this tag, the material is solid. Everything else passes right on through.

09-11-2014, 04:56 PM
Being able to change the physical properties of a material just like that would be great. The only way to really do that right now is with emitters (on LBP2) which isn't all that efficient plus there isn't really a way to get liquid as a standalone material. It would be great to be able to place water on its own even as a static material. The air option basically takes on the properties of Hologram or Sticker panel it sounds like. The tag option also is a good idea for this though it can be achieved already by having thin layers where the boundaries are. Unfortunately once a switch or something is activated the only way to allow the object to pass would to be to destroy either thin layer which could harm some scenery so the tags would be a better alternative.