View Full Version : Generic backgrounds

09-18-2014, 12:52 AM
I would love some generic backgrounds. Desert, snow, jungle, forest, plains, space, mountains, etc.

09-18-2014, 03:59 AM
They need more generic EVERYTHING; costumes, stickers, materials, backgrounds, (sounds are fine)

The only costume pack I bought ever was the emergency responders pack (if that is what it was called) for that very reason

09-18-2014, 05:58 PM
You mean LBP1's backgrounds?
Yeah, I do think they're better than LBP2's since they fit more than one level theme and I'm hoping you can use them in your Pod (assuming the previous games' content carries over).

09-19-2014, 08:20 AM
Yeah, I used a lot of the LBP1 backgrounds, but never touched anything but the default LBP2 background. Generic is sometimes a very good thing.

09-19-2014, 09:55 PM
now that we are able to create 3-D levels,its time we should be able to do 3-D everything.

Body Templates,anyone?

09-25-2014, 03:12 AM
How would you feel creating your very own background?