View Full Version : Corrupt saves solution and autosave

02-23-2009, 01:02 PM
I've been thinking a little and the biggest problems for creators in lbp seems to be the saves, create mode often gets frozen etc for some people and that it is common that peoples saves get corrupt due to turning the system off while the sackboy symbol is showing.
Then when i thought about it a little more they started to seem like problems which are very easy to fix.
For me it's pretty common that the controllers suddenly loose contact with the ps3 and that i need to turn the system off to reconnect them, there are also some other more uncommon problems where the ps3 freezes etc, this is very frustrating as you loose all your work you have put into it since you started creating that day(which can be a looong time ago :blush:).
This could easily be solved by an autosave function that automatically saves your level (only the level, not the whole game), now you are probably thinking are you mad or something like that because the level gets saved all the time and you may not want to save it but it still does, but if the autosaves aren't saved but instead they get saved in another folder or something like that (i know nothing about how a ps3 works so i hope the ps3 allows this, if not then correct me) it will get completely harmless, this folder with saves will be connected to the levels on the moon and when you start a level you can load one of maybe the four latest auto saves of the level. If this save has any problems or if you change your mind then you can just change back to the old one or another of the autosaves, first when you save the level the autosave will get merged with the primary save.

Now to a suggestion for how to fix the corrupt saves problem/a wondering why Mm didn't do like this in the first place :grr:, I've discussed the corrupt save problem a little with my father (computer programmer) and we agreed upon(/believe) that there is a pretty easy way to fix it, as it is now LBP saves directly over the primary save file which means that the old one gets deletes and a new one directly replaces the old one. If the ps3 is turned off while the game saves then the save will naturally be broken and corrupted, but if the game instead would save beside the old save and when the saving was done rename itself and delete the old save then this problem would be practically non existing, if the ps3 gets turned off then there would be one whole save and one incomplete save and the game could automatically load the whole and delete incomplete and unnamed save, then you would just loose all progress you did yesterday and not need to restart the game.

What do you think?