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10-04-2014, 03:19 PM
Built a Breadcrumps or a Shortcut

If you choose to use breadcrumps, you can modify the path of your breadcrumps in the following way:

Select the Paint option.

Once you're on the main path just next to your breadcrumps, you can press L2 or R2 (depends if your breadcrump is on the left or on the right).

Then you can erase the original breadcrumps, which was built by default, and draw the path of your choice.

If you choose to use a shortcut, you can modify the shortcut in the following way ( to prevent from out of bounds problem):

Select Shortcut, then press square to select an existing shortcut.

Then you can adjust the height of each checkpoint with L2 and R2, and go to a checkpoint from another by clicking L3. You can also change the growth of your checkpoint with up and down.

If there's no material under some checkpoints, select the road material "without respawn" (it prevents your kart from re-spawning on the ground, while low).

Built your Path Opener

First you have to stock up the path with some material or fences.

Make sure you put this http://i15.servimg.com/u/f15/15/88/90/69/_0000_12.png on it, and set the tweaker to obstacle to prevent the AI from trying to take the breadcrumps at lap 1 or 2.

To open your path at lap 3, place a player sensor http://i15.servimg.com/u/f15/15/88/90/69/dcitec11.png and set it to lap 3, linked to a counter. http://i15.servimg.com/u/f15/15/88/90/69/compte10.png set to one which is linked to the tool that will open the path: it can be a piston http://i15.servimg.com/u/f15/15/88/90/69/piston10.png, a hinge engine http://i15.servimg.com/u/f15/15/88/90/69/charni10.png, (set to in and out -> <-) or a destructor http://i15.servimg.com/u/f15/15/88/90/69/destru10.png

Note: If you forget the counter, the piston or the hinge engine will be set off every time the player sensor is activated. And the path will open and close and open and so on...So don't forget it!

Note 2: You can prevent AI from Craching into the object that attempts to prevet player from taking road 2 by using this http://i15.servimg.com/u/f15/15/88/90/69/_0000_12.png, set to obstacle, with rigid connexion.
If it's still don't work, you can force the Ai's Respawn
Check this out, Demo: respawn location (https://karting.lbp.me/v/3319) from Rogar (copyable level)

10-04-2014, 04:31 PM
I always have trouble with the pathfinder, I set up as obstacle, yet the AI ignores it and runs into it until they die and spawn on the other side of it. Any tips?