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10-05-2014, 05:30 PM
This is for everybody that is intrested in learning control set-up for 'fps+'.

Over the past week I have been trying to solve a problem that arrived in a project I've been working on.
-FPS controls on a kart-
Talking to others on this forum learning about simular levels, and about several different problems (nonrelated but added).
Searching and playing various levels that use fps controls, bonus some are copyable for learning mechanics.
In doing so, I've seen how 'complex' most of these are. (10+sensors, 5 and gates, or gates, tags, counters...)
I was lost, and I was pretty sure that others would be lost in the 'cross-over connection mess' (multiple lines like a spiderweb).
I realized that most of these FPS levels were based on 'non-kart' (nk) objects (kart is seperate from object played).
Once I realised that it was a (nk) object, I reopened a control test level I created awhile back (same controls-rocket).
And cleaned it up, in doing so I thought It would make a great 'teaching level' for anybody.
The set-up has clean connection lines and minimal use of logic. Easy to follow and understand.
And most important, copyable.

The level is called: Control test 'fps+'
Creator: valious2corvus

Non-kart object: logic used
5 rockets, microchip1: 4 recievers, 1 battery (aligned on microchip to rocket position). gyroscope, physics tweeker, tag, reciever-emitter (weapon), camera, counter (healthbar), microchip2: weapon target, weapon blast sensor, reciever, trasmitter, destroyer.

On spawnpoint: logic used
Kart controlinator, kartinator, 5 transmittors
*HUD board is used for 'hud displaying controls' (how to move when playing), can be removed has no influence to controls.

This set-up is multi purpose, minor adjustments with major impact. Set-up can be used for FPS, 3rd-person, top-view, flying.
*reciever hooked-up to up/down rocket can be disconnected and reconnected to "moving camera" (not included).

I also added a few extra 'set-ups'.
1. Multi-hit/Healthbar: basic counter (visual) set-up with 'hit detection+weapon target'.
2. Heath charger: marked with 'heart' sticker', restores healthbar (resets counter) just land object on heart.
3. Respawn for non-kart objects: marked with 'new life' sticker.

I tried to make everything as simple as I could, so people can understand the 'logic' and reuse it on their projects.
By no means is this level perfected or complete. It is a blueprint level made for sharing.
It is 90 seconds long, built for testing.

Remember, Keep it simple.

10-05-2014, 06:57 PM
If my internet had been working i could of helped you out with a model for this weeks ago ... grrrr ... You do know you can make this multipayer by duplicating and colour tagging the logic and then have each player trigger their own camera, spawn object with individual player in individual cam range set to max hold time then set emitter to spawn near player spawn point.. It hlds for 1000 sec so if you want to go past this time without being destroyed you need to manually destroy and respawn just before the 1000 sec limit.. for random respawn, make a box to hold player kart and group with emmiter then attach random movement motor chain to move about the level ( hidden under the ground maybe )

10-05-2014, 07:35 PM
Here is the link of your level:
Control Test 'FPS+' (https://karting.lbp.me/v/x7op)

10-05-2014, 08:33 PM
See you just took it to the next step. Talking about multiplayer by duplication.
Yes, that is possible like you said. Take the trasmitters/recievers and sensors/tags color code each 'set' a different color for each player.
*Ai will not recognize new controls. Online games must be 8 players full for proper game or game will be broken.
Im unsure what you mean by "camera, spawn object... max hold time... manually destroy".

In the level there is a spawn point object emitter (under the 'new life sticker' in edit mode -reciever>emitter-) that is triggered simutaniously with a destroyer (when object dies emitter respawns new object). The set-up is already there. Camera is set to follow gadget (object).
The camera is a 'player cam' (it just stays on), it gets respawned with object. Im usure if you talking about 'player camera crossover' (2 or more players share the same camera glitch).

Just place the following on the kart controlinator chip board for each player: 1 battery hooked up to a transmitter color coded (for each player) and tagged 'camera'. On the 'object controlled' place 1 reciever (color coded to match -above transmitter-) and hook it up to the camera (bottom left corner, top view)
Each player should have their own object/camera.
*Maybe even tag each camera player1, player2, player3... (untested)

Randomizing spawn spots is a different subject.
The level was built for learning how to build controls for fps+.
By all means copy it and build the next explanation.

- - - - - - - - - -

Thanks gipsy' for the posted link.

Keep on sharing ideas.