View Full Version : I Have Many New Ideas For Levels In LBP3

10-10-2014, 02:10 AM
Well as the title states. lol Plus i've decided to wait till LBP3 to finnish my Dream World Series. Sorry about that. lol That way the levels can be far larger than LBP2. lol Plus i'll probably re create Part 1 for LBP3. But when i get LBP3 i won't start it till i actually do tons of testing and experimenting with the new logic and other things. So it may be a few months after LBP3's release that i will start actually creating and posting levels. lol I may have a quick level posted bout a week after launch. lol Plus i'll be upgrading to the PS4 ver mid late january next year. lol Sorry for the wait folks. But i am rebuilding KPMIV for play on the PS VITA. Part one will be posted soon.