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10-11-2014, 12:59 AM
Okay, well apparently a lot of the stuff I posted earlier has already been implemented in the game, so I'm going to go all out and suggest some weird stuff.

1. Transformation tool - transform one object gradually into another with an animation.

2. Screen filters - For effects. Maybe a wavy one, a flickery one, a whirlpool effect. Like animated stickers that can imprint a pattern or effect onto a surface. So the whirlpool filter would swirl round and round on a surface to look like there's a wormhole on that surface. Or a pattern that looks like it's engraved into/sticking out of the material it's placed on.

3. Item/Inventory Screens - An object or tool that opens up an inventory screen for sackboy to peruse. For backpacks, or even item banks, with the possibility of items being transferred between them, and item trading between players and even CPU.

4. Effect machines - Remember the smoke machines? What about sparks or frost? What about liquid splashes made of any material in your popit?

5. Please carry my items over from LBP1 and 2. And I'm not getting a PS4 but give those guys the ability to do that also somehow.

6. Monster Design - Say I want to make a dragon. I don't want to have to make it out of wood and bolts and motors and logic. Let us use some of whatever sackboy is made out of and stretch it and pull it and have it run around like sackboy does, or fly like swoop, and give it a super long tail that can dangle or move like an arm.

7. Afterimage - I would really like if there was the option to leave an afterimage on a slash, or a character moving really fast. Like a blur that fades after a little while. i.e Sonic's "Blue Blur" that trails a bit behind him.

8. Running/Collecting Liquid - I saw someone do this in LBP2 and I wished there was an easier way. I would love to have magma trailing down the side of a hill and dripping off the edge and off the screen. Or if it met an obstacle and collected in a little puddle or a pool. Or hit the water and turned to stone!

9. Sticker Object maker - Allow us to turn captured objects into stickers that can be rotated and stuck on any surface. And maybe even be made physical to be stepped on.

I know I'm going a bit wild with this but hey, you can only throw your bait out there and see if it takes, right? :P

10-11-2014, 01:17 AM
1. Its called a tween, and I really hope this exists as well
2. Confirmed
3. Sack pocket (and you can edit them as well) so confirmed
4. This would be cool to see in LBP3, you have tons more sackbot animations, why not material effect tweakers?
5. I'm sure SOMETHING exists for this, but nothing is confirmed
6. Hmmm... a 3D mesh probably wont be implemented, the best you are going to get is probably something like the slide, but who knows, maybe there is something like that
7. You could probably achieve this with a tween, or effect
8. This.... is too taxing on a console, dynamic liquid takes very very long to render

10-11-2014, 05:30 AM
Post 1
1. This would be called morphing. This would come in very useful in all kinds of levels. But I don't know if the developers could do this. Morph anything into anything sound pretty hard to do. Not that I'm against it, I'm all for it and would love it. Nice idea. I've never considered this being in the game.
4. A particle emitter. There'd have to be a lot of options available, I never used the smoke emitter, smoke wasn't very good. But sparks and a more realistic smoke would be appreciated and welcomed with some actual use.
5. They did so with 1 to 2 so you know... People won't be happy if it don't. I won't be happy.
7. I've always wanted this in the game. Motion blur and screen splash effects that we can custom create. Hopefully with LBP3 this is already in the game.
9. This is my favourite of the suggestions. I frequently find myself having to make the object, take a picture and then place on sticker panel with some corner editing to keep the thermometer low in demanding areas of my levels. I hadn't considered this, but I support it.

A tween is when something transitions from one position of the screen to another position of the screen. I studied the illusion of movement last year in my education and know a lot about this subject so.... Morphing is when something molds into a different shape.