View Full Version : Pre-Recorded Cinematics Option

10-11-2014, 07:32 PM
When making a movie on LBP, Sometimes it can get a bit irritating when sometimes a cutscene level bugs out thanks to someone joining or the physics bugging a bit. A pre-recorded cinematic option for a cutscene most likely fix this issue.

Before publishing your creation to the world. an option would pop up on screen to ask would you like to prerecord the level. This will render a video/previews of the cinematic that will save to your inventory to put on a Tutorial TV Screen or to paste onto the Level, Much similar to the share feature function but for both versions of the game and the fact that you can't upload this recording to your youtube (But it would be nice).

The Pre-recorder option could also be used to make GIF stickers from the recorded footage. I had an idea like this awhile back but this is a new take on it really.