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10-19-2014, 02:59 PM
So when I played LBP 1 I thought it was really fun and I had a good time on it, when that guy who leaked it all by an accident told everyone he mad "Infotain Me" for LBP2 everyone were so hyped that they could literally pull themselves inside out!

As for LBP3 there is quite a bit of hype but not as much for LBP2, could LBP have its time and move on to another game?

But anyways no one can stop me from using my 70 CAD on this amazing game!

Cheers ;)

10-19-2014, 04:03 PM
I was hyped for lbp2 a lot, but one things for sure: I'm WAAAY more hyped for lbp3 than I was for lbp2. And to be honest, there was probably more of a jump from lbp to lbp2 than there's gonna be from lbp2 to lbp3. But it's the feel and importance of the new things added. So yeah, you can say I'm hyped :p

10-19-2014, 08:23 PM
hype for certain, they are taking a HUGE amount of player input on LBP3 (as I'm sure they did in LBP2, but its a HUGE focus now in LBP3) so seeing as it will tailor even more to the players, you can't help but feel hyped :)

10-19-2014, 08:29 PM
I'm not hyped or un-hyped. I am neutral which is normal for me anyways. But I do think it's cool. But wish it had more and better freedom of character creation. But regardless LBP is still my favorite hobby game to make my own games in. And LBP3 is clearly far better then LBP2. *mew

10-19-2014, 08:39 PM
I probably wont be able to pick it up until Christmas, so I am not really hyping LBP3 up as much as I would do if I was going to play it day 1.

10-20-2014, 04:18 AM
Most people were very hyped for LBP2 because when it was annouced that's when a lot of the LBP fanbase was at its peak - and it then skyrocketed upwards from there after LBP2's release. Now that it's been a few years, I bet a lot of people have put the game aside, but I'm sure when it gets closer to release date/Christmas the hype will rise. :)

10-20-2014, 03:14 PM
I'd rather define my feelings as "excited". Even though there's a ton of new features, soundtracks, a whole new story and 3 (4) new friends you can play with, I'd rather go for the excited mood. LBP3 is still gonna rock everybody's world, though! :D

10-21-2014, 12:40 AM
Somewhat hyped i learned not to overhype things to prevent dissapointment. Lbp3 is ginna be really fun but not looking forward to buy ps+ to play online. The beta videos arent as good in terms of level complexity as lbp2 though which is odd it feels like people are saving their bestfor full release.

10-22-2014, 07:52 AM
I think the hype isn't as high because all the things you can do in LBP3 could be done (not nearly as cleanly or efficiently) in LBP2. Now of course creators who have been with LBP for a while are excited but the beta doesn't really show a lot of NEW features. Everything in it was explained earlier. LBP2 had more hype because no other (good) level creator game had actual programming terms (and, or, xor, etc). I think the hype for LBP3 comes more from people who haven't been able to finish levels in LBP2 due to efficiency constraints.

10-22-2014, 08:15 PM
All aboard the hype train choo choo :)