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10-22-2014, 09:52 PM
The idea of this is to make a 2D/3Dish level that's going to use one of the new logic pieces well: The Force chips.

The main premise is to give the players super-soldier characters with a choice of a few weaponry. They run around in a frozen galaxy. While they're in the 0g environment, the chunks of materials and celestial bodies will pull them towards each other.
It is designed to be multiplayer. There will be a ready system where if you're ready, you can jump in. Unlike others, it will allow you to go into the map while ready. This is in case someone AFKs. For one player, there will be a training area to help you get a feel for the level.

Last one standing is the winner.

These will be the following weaponry that I will put it:
Sword. (One hit kill, melee range.)
Sniper (Two shot kill and goes through celestial bodies/chunks of material. Infinite Range and Semi Auto. Fast bullet speed.)
Assault Rifle (Five Shot Kill. 3-Burst, Medium Ranged, penetrates heavenly bodies EXCEPT Black Holes if implemented. Fast bullet speed.)
Submachine Gun (Twelve Shot Kill. Fully-Automatic, no penetrations, low damage and short range. Medium bullet speed.)
Launcher (Two Shot Kill. High damage, charge shot. Explosive range is medium sized. Slow bullet speed.)
Laser (Constant medium range beam of damage and goes through materials. Instant. [It's a laser, light travels absurd distances in a second.])
Rifle (Four shot kill, Automatic, medium-large range, penetrates celestial bodies. Fast bullet speed.)

For the characters, they will have the following things:
Fast speed
Regeneration. (Every 2 seconds regenerates 5 HP.)
Ability to ignore gravity. (Holding X ignores the Force chips. If you go out of bounds with this, you die.)


10-24-2014, 10:50 AM
Sounds cool. The ready system I have no idea how that would work, but I'm sure you could do it. Suggestions on the weps tho:

Sword should be 3 hit kill. The battles could be longer and funner that way with swords. Sniper should be 1 hit kill. Launcher as well. They should be hard to obtain.

10-25-2014, 12:46 AM
The problem with the sword being a 3 hit kill is the fact that it would have little to no range compared to a gun. You'd have to be a master at getting in melee range.

Sniper is now semi-auto. (.3 seconds before each shot.)

Launcher is probably going to be a pick-up that you can get. (It randomly appears on parts of the map.)