View Full Version : Heart of Gold, part 2

02-26-2009, 01:33 AM
Hey guys, I started making the second part for Heart of Gold this evening. I am wondering what kinds of things you would like to see that were missing from the first one. This one is going to be less dialog heavy as I have already established most of the characters and everything and already set the story off. The terrain will be primarily jungle terrain, some cliff sequences and outdoor ruins. There is going to be more gun fighting in this one, more emphasis on realism than most paintinator levels. I am adding things like explosive barrels, big mounted machine guns, destroyable vehicles and you will still be able to "melee" the enemies. I plan to have environments be destructible in certain scenarios (destroyable by big machine guns or explosives) and I hope to make every fire fight different with multiple ways to achieve victory. I am adding some unique platforming based off real obstacles, navigating cliff faces, climbing through jungles ect. There will still be story and Dialog but not a bunch of minute long cut scenes. There will be drivable vehicles as well but I am not sure how significant there implementation will be yet. Anyway anything I didnt mention here go ahead and ask about. I am taking requests so to speak. If anyone is interested in play testing please PM me.

Here are some questions:

Would better multiplayer support interest you?
Did you like the way the gun fights played in Heart of Gold 1?

Anyway thanks in advance for your time!