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10-25-2014, 04:18 AM
Over the past couple days, I've been paused on my builds. Almost like 'writer block', the more I try to think about what should be done (in level) or how to. The farther away my builds seem to get. I dont think I'm the only one who feels this way sometimes. So, I thought what would be a good way to keep motivated?

Sharing my ideas of newer and older unfinished projects with the community.

1. Build a race track level (I do have a couple 'battle arenas' but not one race yet). Everybody should have at least one of each. I should start on mine.

2. (in progress) Space invaders. This level will be like the original top view shooter, spaceship on the bottom enemies slowly coming down from the top (undecided in making 'new enemy movement'). Level will be score/lives based w/unlimited time, earning extra 'bonuses' like 'lives', shot upgades (single shot > deul shot > triple shot). planning 20 levels (or until near impossible).

3. (in progress) Planet Dj. Each player will have: 8 buttons that control different sounds also having access to 8 other sets of sounds that can be selected with the 'd-pad up/down'. Technically all 8 players can be playing different from the different sound sets or all the same and one button each (how ever you want to make music). Mics will be allowed, for singing and rapping. Undecided on how game ends, either time based or 'zero button press' (nobody presses anything for 'x' amount of time). Each player visually would be standing behind their own two turn tables and a mixer, standing next to each other in a circle all facing a slowly spinning center stage (8 players around a donut). Each sound (button press) would activate something different on the stage (light and effects). I thought it would be cool to have a 'jam session' with people from around the world. If I figure out how to make it so people can jump into and out of game without ending it, it would give the ability of join others already playing and listening to them jam or joining in and showing off.

4. (in progress) Transformers earth bound. This level will take place years later after the 'Arc' (autobot ship) crashes on earth, just after the decepticons leave the autobot ship, starscream reaches out his arm and shoots at the mountain above the exit. Boulders come crashing down and shakes the ship, setting it into 'emergency lock down' also knocking Optimus prime off a control table into the 'teletraan 1' rebuild scanner. Restoring and giving Optimus the truck transformation. You as Optimus prime, now have to find a way to restore the rest of your Autobots and find a way out of your ship.

Hopefully there are lots of people out there that are building something new.
Let keep the motivation high.

10-25-2014, 05:40 AM
I've got a couple on my mind, not anything done in game but pretty well planed out on paper.

1) A jet ski race around an island. Pretty straight forward. I've got some ideas about unique short cuts, and of course custom weapons. Want a fun tropical feel.

2) Sackulese part 3. Should be simpler than the second one, so I'll not reveal much about that now.

10-25-2014, 05:41 AM
I still planed to finish my level in the subway, don't know when, but one day

10-25-2014, 12:08 PM
Got 2 levels work-in-progress and one at 'idea on paper' stage....

WIP 1. A very simple multiplayer race level, where you 'chase' a glowing section of track. Whilst you stay ahead of the glow, you get loads of points, fall behind and begin to lose them, the glowing section speeds up each lap to force you to keep up. No weapons, but slaps are allowed.

WIP 2. Continuing my 'flight' theme, I have another one, this time multiplayer. You are all paper planes flying around an office environment. You have no weapons (obviously) but are able to set off 'traps' to slow your opponents down. This will be a checkpoint race but the checkpoints will remain static, so just creating a virtual course. The biggest difference with this level is the incorporation of the SIX AXIS movement to control the planes, it seemed to make sense as you have no buttons to press and gives a nice feeling of movement. The planes have perpetual motion, so you begin after just being thrown, as it were.

Idea on paper Using the randomised emitter logic i have an idea where multiple routes become available each lap, so for instance, 5 bridges across a river but each lap those bridges are in different positions, one probably constant to allow slower racers or AI to get across, but that would always be slower than the others. Or multi height platforms, so similar scenario as the 'bridges' but the platforms would remain in position possibly, but with randomised bounce pads to reach them.

11-16-2014, 12:20 PM
Hey Valious,
Where are you in your multiple WIP? particularly The transformer level. We saw some pictures, but i'm curious to finally pay this level.

11-18-2014, 07:51 PM
Brand new project is almost compete, a game called "Labyrinth" (old wooden game with a marble).
You have to tilt the play area moving the marble to follow the winding path, can you reach the end? Watch out for the dangerous holes.
Thinking about having a 5 minute limit with unlimited tries.
With point countdown (the quicker you finish the more points youll get).
The table and controls are built, just putting final touches on the physics on the ball.
Hopefully will be finished with a day or two.


As always, still crafting away at the transformers level. Updates about the progress, will be posted in the Transformers thread.