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10-25-2014, 08:35 PM
Hello Sackfolk.

I don't think this is common knowledge so I thought I'd share.......editing within your level uses thermo. Even if you delete the final result, it's still used some and it's such a valuable commodity!

Save yourself a heap of thermo use by building in another level. So........

You've got your 'proper' level set with a track layout for instance.......now do this!

Choose a new empty level, call it whatever you like (I have a 'design studio' level), arena levels are easiest, just keep one spawn point to enable easy saving.

Create your object, edit, re-edit, resize, mess about as much as you like, go mad....once you're happy with your creation, 'capture' it. It's then available to put into your 'proper' level with the added benefits that it's totally resize-able and it's used ZERO creation space on your thermo. I would guess, conservatively, that you could save up to 50% of your thermo allowance by utilising this method.

I can say this with conviction because within my 'design' level I've created many objects, 'captured' them and then deleted them from the level. My design level is now totally empty, yet the thermo shows as 1/3 full! No cause for concern though, when you fill up that thermo, just delete the design level and start again.


10-26-2014, 11:41 PM
Yes, everybody should use a 'studio level' or two.
Also, you should use 'pillar markers' when your creating something. For instance, you made a race track and you want some sort of 'covering' for a corner or two. instead of making that 'covering', just make some pillar where you want to build it. or a simple shape cut the same as the curve in the track. Then 'capture' those 'pillars/shape'. Then open your 'studio level' and load those 'pillars/shape'. Now you have the exact area size that you'll need. Now you can create all you want, Once your done, just capture the new 'corner cover' and load in into your 'race level'. A little less resizing and adjusting required, sense its the same corner.

08-18-2015, 09:47 PM
Continuing this thread, as it's an important one for all creators.

Whilst not specifically a thermo reduction this WILL help playability during your levels by reducing LAG or SLOWDOWN as it's also known. I found this trick during my last couple of creations and it's simple. Destroy things you don't need anymore, literally.

For instance, you put together a nice cinematic intro to your level. Excellent, but all the cameras, timers, magic mouth gadgets, synchronisers etc are all still there when you start your level and are still using memory.

So of course still make your wonderful intro BUT put all the cameras etc on a piece of forcefield material with a destroyer gadget placed on it.

You can then trigger the destroyer gadget by running a timer set to the length of your intro + 1second (the extra time is to make sure the intro finishes correctly).

This also can be applied to logic within levels. If a certain action only happens once, then destroy the logic after that action is completed.

It all helps to keep levels running smoothly.