View Full Version : Scaling multi-port logic, open chips and Reset / Zero out values.

10-26-2014, 09:56 PM
These are really really basic and obvious, and I honestly can't understand why they haven't been implemented since LBP2

So, here we go:

Scaling multi-port logic components:
- When you scale a long logic component ( like a timer ) It re-sizes in LENGTH, and not the actual SIZE, so, why doesn't scaling a multi-port component ( Like a selector ) add more ( or fewer ) input and output ports?

Open logic containers while moving logic components:
- Seriously... why can CLOSE a microchip if why hover over it and presses R1 while moving logic around, but we can't open them??? It's seems like opening them, so we can actually place the logic inside them would make more sense..

Reset and Zero out values:
- When tweaking something, TRIANGLE could might as well set the value to 0 and SQUARE could reset the value to it's default.

Agree :)?