View Full Version : Turn Off ALL Built In Sounds

10-27-2014, 10:50 PM
This is my new dephysicaliser campaign. I'm determined to beat them to death with this until they submit.

Please for the love of Sackboy, give us an option to turn the built in sounds on and off and add an output (including music). This is such an obvious addition that it boggles my insignificant little noggin this hasn't happened yet. The worse offender is the Magic Mouth ... Brother does that wind my gears. You have LBPlaneteers trying their hardest to create an atmosphere and then *Plink*, *Shooosh*, *plink*, *Shoosh, Shoosh, Shoosh*. I dislike it so much that I will actually quit out of games because of it and I haven't read any of the story missions character dialogue in LBP2/LBPVita because of it. I just try to hit that triangle as quickly as I can to make my pain as short as it can be.

And while I'm on the subject of magic mouths, please add some alternative ways of displaying text. How about a selection of frames? How about a way of positioning the text where we want on the screen? How about a decent selection of fonts? How about allowing us some control over the way the text is displayed: Line at a time, display all text at once, a word at a time (with control over how fast each word displays), whether the text scrolls up or simply replaces what's already there when it reaches the bottom?

You have an animator and Adventure mode. Didn't it occur to you that RPG/Movie makers would want to create a variety of different ways of displaying text? Doesn't it occur to you that *Plink*/*Shoosh* destroys any atmosphere they've managed to create?

Please add:


It's simple.