View Full Version : How to: Use 'Snap Mode On'

10-31-2014, 04:10 AM
In this tutorial I will be explaining the function of 'Snap Mode On' and how to use.

When you are creating in a level, press start. A 'pause menu' will open will the 'level name', 'Change to play mode', 'Save', 'Edit Level Details, and ' Return to pod'. Under those between a dotted line section.
Snap Mode On (with a check mark box),
Snap angle (a number scale),
Scale grid (a number scale).

Snap mode on, snap angle, and Scale grid work together.
Snap angle functions as the angle 5 degrees to 90.
Scale grid functions as sizes 0.5 > 50.0.
What that means is when Snap Mode On is On (checkmarked box), what ever angle the 'snap angle' is set to thats the angle you will be using.

How to use, Let say you have a box. And you want to tilt that box and spin it.
First you grab that object by selecting it with your 'popit cursor'. Then you press start, turn 'Snap Mode On' on. press start again, exiting that screen. Press Square, Bringing up another sub-screen. Select '3d rotate', press 'x'.
With 'Snap Mode On-on' using the left toggle, and left/right on the d-pad. You are now able to tilt and spin in set-angled positions.

Adjust the 'Snap angle' until its the angle you need.
I personally like using 15 degrees when I'm building. I get to quickly use, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, or 90 degree angles.

Turning 'Snap Mode On' to the off position is as easy as turning it on. Press start again, and select 'snap Mode On' (taking the checked box away).

Scale grid, changes the size of the 'square building grid'. Using It when 'Snap Mode On' is on will make you able to move your object/s on a locked grid 2-d plane.
Very useful in moving 'set object pieces' to the side for editing. It will keep your object on the same line, so it wont move it out of line. Just use it again to slide piece back into spot.

Hope this helps, A little practise is always good.