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11-16-2014, 11:37 PM
Dark Utopia is a 3 part series I'll be working on throughout the course of LBP3 on PS4. Originally, it was a LBP2 game, but I didn't have the incentive to start it, and I wanted this to be a large game as well. Then LBP3 was announced with 16 layers, and it has now given me motivation to start it.

On February 8th, 2014, the main player is born. During this time, an expedition to the planets Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn has caused the discovery of an ultra efficient fuel. This fuel is highly common, and one gallon of it can fuel a whole city for a month. The discover of this has caused tension around the world.

USA, Russia, and China are the first to initiate this new space race. Scientist all around the world has been issued to work quickly as possible to create ships and suits to get to the planets fast and keep the astronauts safe. Soon, in 2019, scientists have created fully functioning and advanced Nanotechnology. Space travel has advanced to the Omega Ship Drive, or commonly known as the OSD. It isn't warp drive speed, but near light speed. This great breakthrough causes the U.S. and Great Britain (now teamed up) to be the first to travel to a asteroid near Jupiter.

This was the beginning of the temporary base, nicknamed "Raiden". It was the start of the large scale Raiden Extractor project. 3 ships, the original, modified Raiden turned into the "Raiden Prime", the Saturn ship, the "Raiden Alpha" and the Uranus ship, the "Raiden Beta" were finally finished in 2028. They set off to their respective planets and started extracting during the year 2030.

This is where the player begins. He is 24 by this time, and a child prodigy in the field of science. His father has left for a head director job of the Alpha Prime, and is currently there. The player, accepting a deal from the U.S. technologies department, has agreed to using his technology to help turn the world into a Utopia. Later on, you find out, this was a lie. The nano techs, totally integrated in civilian life, has been rigged with a small piece of fuel from the gas planets. This fuel, has a special force property, which, when touched by a flame or explosive, creates a massive force that pushes objects in a direction. When all of the fuel is extracted, the fuel in the nanotechnologies will be lit aflame by overheating, and push the earth in the direction far away from the sun, moving past light speeds. This turns Earth into a FTL spaceship, the first of it's kind.

But before that, a massive genocide will commence. Killing off all people who aren't worthy of the world leaders' standards. If you don't have the right physique and the right genes, you will be killed off. This will leave 10k people of each race, Black, White, Latin, European, and Asian. Leaving only 50 thousand people left on Earth. They will travel with the world leaders to a brand new Earth, one millions of times larger than the old earth, and is perfectly fit for human life. The old Earth will be a relic.

Knowing this, you, the player, must stop this from happening. In order to do this, the player needs to shut down the Raiden Extractor project. You need to get rid of each Raiden ship, and kill all who wants the "Utopia" project to go on. And to do this, you need to kill your father, the head director of the Raiden Prime.

The game will be like Deus Ex, mixed with a LBP-like shooter. It is free roam in a sense that you can do many things to complete objectives, like the new MGS. You can upgrade your Exo suit with nanotech from the black market. The black market is the only safe techs with no raiden fuel in it. You can use Nanotech with raiden fuel, but some enemies will be able to hurt you remotely, adding to the difficulty. There is parkour, to traverse buildings and urban areas, and there will be vehicles.

What do you think? Sorry for the long post, but this is a big project I've always wanted to do. I make it sound more complicated than it needs to be.

Ya dad go to a big ship that extracts fuel, you are a child prodigy in science, us gov wants to use ur tech and inventions, you have to stop their evil plan, and kill ur dad.

Dark Utopia 2 will be about the aftermath of the destruction of the Raiden Prime, and you end up in the frozen wasteland of a Earth like Jupiter moon. DU2 is more about survival and limited power, DU1 is about getting stronger.

11-17-2014, 08:23 AM
Wouldn't the earth crumble or freeze before it even reaches its destination at that speed?

That silly question aside, the gameplay with the idea of the story sounds interesting. I can't say much else since you've only really pitched a story and idea. It sounds like it could be a fun series to play, but that's an assumption by ear/reading.

11-17-2014, 10:44 AM
Hey, It's not totally realistic, lol. But I will be working very hard on making the logic precise and work well with my 3 friends. It's gonna take a year to finish the whole series, but in the end we want it to be something we can come back to and have loads of fun with it. And while it does sound fun, I can assure you with our dedication with LBP3 it's gonna be really fun.

Right now I'm posting this for suggestions on changes to the story and suggestions to gameplay mechanics.

11-18-2014, 02:27 AM
Is all that a prologue to the main story? That would be good for a movie explaining the plot

11-20-2014, 07:50 PM
Is all that a prologue to the main story? That would be good for a movie explaining the plot

I was thinking of that, thanks for the suggestion, might as well start on that.