View Full Version : Disabling/changing Sackboy controls

11-20-2014, 05:39 PM
So in tutorials amiel445566 posted this

Logic places ON Sackboy when the broadcast microchip is set to nearest player, so effects transmit directly onto the Sackboy entity, (useful for things like powerups that you don't want to require getting into a sackbot) you can even disable controls on Sackboy with controllinators, you just need to set the first one to Nearest Player, because the nearest player to you... is you then you disable like before, its much easier to put onto Sackboy, just be careful how it transfers to other character models (like animations and such)

And I asked about more detail because I tried and couldn't get it working I did it the same way you do with sackbots anyway so I was told to come ask here if anyone can go into detail on this it would be very much appreciated