View Full Version : Transferring LBP/LBP2 PS3 to LBP3 PS4???

11-22-2014, 02:39 AM
Hey everyone,

So as the title says I am having a bit of trouble transferring LBP/LBP2 PS3 to LBP3 PS4. I know of you go to the HUB and then press "Options" on the controller and go to "Settings" then there should be options to move LBP/LBP 2 onto the PS4. My biggest issue is it seems like it might go off based off the account I had on the PS3 (which broke again on me for the third time). The PNS account I have on my PS3 is different then the one I have on my PS4. Can anyone confirm that the imported information will go based off of the account name on the PS3? If so, is there anyway I can work around this so I can get all of my data from the previous games?

Thanks in advance.

11-22-2014, 02:42 AM
It requires the psn account to be the same one you used on ps3. You need to at least play LBP1 (any %) once and complete storymode in LBP2 to automatically unlock all items. The profile itself technically doesn't transfer so it relies on game time/pins server-side to let you get the stuff.