View Full Version : Sackbots can't use custom powerups?

11-23-2014, 03:20 AM
I'm pretty sure I've tried everything but I'm posting in case somebody has figured out a way to make it work that I've overlooked.

So I've spent a good chunk of the day yesterday and today building a custom powerup and playing around with it. I got to the stage where I wanted to see how the A.I. could handle it: whether I'd have to do some special tweaking or if they'd just figure it out the same way they use creatinators and such. What a letdown when I realized they can't hold custom powerups. I've tried enabling every powerup that the sackbot chip shows and I've tried finding tweaks on the powerup pedestal, the blaster handle, and the global settings. No options for sackbots.

And yes, I know you can capture custom characters from sackbots. I'm talking about A.I. bots having powerups in their hands. I can kind of understand why the devs wouldn't allow it (same reason as jetpacks and water: they couldn't make an A.I. that could handle it) but I am very good with sensors, hit boxes, and A.I. zones: I could build my own A.I. to teach bots how to wield my powerup.