View Full Version : Question about Prologue

11-25-2014, 02:19 AM
On the Prologue apparently there are Sticker Panels, They are shaped like a sitting bird and it is in the tree on the prologue, I was wondering where you find the sticker, Or if it isnt possible to get the sticker then tell me, also if anyone has it and can put it on the Sticker Panels for me please tell me

11-25-2014, 03:49 AM
You get some in the same chapter, and some way later in the story. My suggestion is to finish the entire story careless of the collectibles, and then return and get them all.

11-25-2014, 10:42 PM
By Prologue you mean the Introduction yes?

The Bird sticker needed for the Sticker Switch is obtained by acing the final boss. :)