View Full Version : [BUGGED/HELP PLEASE] Contraption Challenge: The Wheel Deal

11-28-2014, 07:35 AM
So, I found a fix for this, although tedious. To get the level complete prizes while the level is in this state, make a new PS3 profile and play through till you get to the level again. Then, with a second controller, join in on your original profile. The prizes are shared. Hope this helps anyone as helpless as I was!

At this state, I've already beaten LBP3. Right now, I have to go back and re-complete/re-ace levels because of a really dumb bug with scoreboard prizes being considered community items. I'm all set with the Prologue, and I'm almost done with Book One, but here's where my problem starts.

I'm on the last level I have to re-complete in the Book, The Wheel Deal, but whenever the level loads, it's a blank level with a bluish-grey foggy background. The only thing I can identify in the level is a wormhole that jumps you to a random chunk of block with four rows cut out of it. Also, whenever I enter this wormhole, it plays the racer's "got the racing bug" voice clip. Strange.

I've tried entering the level from both Adventure map and Manglewood HUB level.I've also tried both the Play and "Continue" option on the Map Screen for the level. No dice so far.

Anyways, I feel as if this has been addressed before, but if so, maybe this will underline/build upon the last person's thread. Thanks guys.