View Full Version : Anyone having issues with Paint?

11-29-2014, 06:19 PM
I'm trying to create my own set of 52 cards using Paint. I've managed to save a card template and the numbers 2-10. Now I'm trying to make the symbols (heart, diamond, etc.) but they don't save in "My Paintings" when I save. At first I thought I've reached the max and can't save anymore, but it's definitely not that because it saved something else I made after it wouldn't save the heart I made. Bug or what?

Also, is there any way to angle snap in Paint? It would be extremely useful.

EDIT: I'm doing some experiments. At first I thought it was the number of strokes, but it seems the colors in the upper right quadrant (red through green) will not save if that's the only color in your paint. Colors like white, black, blue, purple all save for me. Anyone want to confirm this?