View Full Version : Swivel Light

11-30-2014, 07:47 PM
I want the swivel light to move around using logic that is wired into it's input instead of it following someone or a tag. Nothing seems to work though.

Has anyone had any experience with this light?

12-01-2014, 02:17 AM
I have, but mostly stickering it with decorations.

For starters, the highbeam looks meh, since it creates a flat line when it hits something. The light itself while in high-beam mode, is flat.

If you put decorations on the swivel light, they will warp. Tried to see if I could get a piece of pipe to always be aiming at a target that moved via the advanced mover, but if you look at the decoration, it warps and looks odd in certain angles.

If you resize the swivel light, and the light moves around enough, it distorts itself. Although I haven't fully tested the distortion, but I had the light not visible in play mode for a while, but then when I made it visible again( After moving the target around some to make the light follow), the light was distorted to the right; not moved to the right, but distorted to the right.

Sucks that you can't control the size of the beam, just the distance. That's always been an issue of mine since LBP1 though.

That's all I really know so far about the light.