View Full Version : Team Fortress 2(Deathmatch)[PS3]

12-02-2014, 03:12 PM
So I decided to make a TF2 charcater logic and then thought about making real TF2 maps with AI,and some fps experience(game level(s) will not be fps though) So if anyone wants to help me message me on PSN,Steam: etd1312 .

So these will be the key features of the levels:

9 Classes (Like in TF2)
Realistic Stuff(Burn Effects,Drowning etc.)
Advanced Settings Menu
Diffrent Maps(Diffrent Levels)
Health Bars, Ammo,Health Pickups
Diffrent Game Modes(Capture The Flag,Capture The Point,Payload Race,
Weapons, of course

If you don't know what Team Fortress 2 is:
It's a free game on Steam,it's a FPS game that let's you choose between 9 classes,each has diffrent abilities.

[I]I need help with a lot of stuff so every kind of help is appreciated.