View Full Version : Movie Camera Not Transitioning

12-04-2014, 05:09 AM
Ok, so I have two cameras that I want to switch between. I've connected them both to tag sensors set to detect their respective tags. At the control end, I have a selector set up with the two tags. In theory when I update the selector, I should get the cameras to switch.

When I activate the cameras (via a circuit node between the selector and tags), the first camera comes on fine. I can let it sit there for as long as I want with no problems. I can go to the next camera, and it's the same thing. If I increment the selector a third time so it loops back, it very briefly goes to the first camera, and then just goes back to the normal game camera.

If I start the selector so that camera two comes up first, it's the same thing. Always cuts back to the default view on the second camera swap regardless which camera I use, or where it is on the selector.

Is there a setting I am missing here?

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Figured this one out. It's weird. If you deselect "Use Hold Time", it releases the camera when switching between them. If you put a check on that option, but leave the hold time infinite, you can swap between cameras all you want.