View Full Version : Reducing my joinment in the game!

12-07-2014, 08:07 PM
I Have encountered a VERY annoying glitch in create moon wich affects the entire game itself and ends up giving me nothing else to do but to import a old profile and start from there wich im almost aquired to do every 5 minutes. The glitch is this if i use Hack'n Snit on a glued object, Try to delete a glued material or just removing the glue from two objects then my caracter freezes and gives me the choice of either: Replay several times until i have replayed past the glitch (wich takes ages since im getting to loading screen everytime i use replay-.-) or i can quit the create mode and return to my pod NOW this is where the Whole glitch ruins my gameplay. ones after i quited from a glitched level my sackboy (only him the other caracters worked fine) Begins to just stand still not able to control and then moves a Little bit by himself. Another time my sackboy fell thru the pod pipe and got erased as he hit the ground and he turns side way in adventure mode>:(! Now im kinda sick of making a Backup every 5 minutes or importing a old profile several times a day so i dont get anything done. I REALLY hope this is a known glitch and that it is also a high priority in getting fixed to the NeXT update since it ruins the game!