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12-10-2014, 04:21 PM
I have new version of my penguin fighter series up and running.
Yes, it really is my 29th time making this same level.
It is a fighting game with voiced characters and advanced fighting logic.
Penguin Fighter typically has about 25 fighters to choose from, but I only have 5 so far.
It is because I need help, each fighter is so awesomely complex now that I am overheating!
I need people who are good at logic that can help me with battle concepts,
I want to make it so I can have as many fighters as I want, there has to be a way to do it.
And also, I need ppl to just add stuff they think would be cool, I like having a team you know?

So far I have 5 Fighters added:
Dragon Skar: Penguin Warmonk, with ice powers and a mohawk.
Weakelbee: The Artist
Bombay: The Deadly Black Cat of Evil
Buttons: The Keeper of Kookies (Talks like Schwartzeneggar)
Emperor Peppikus: The broken, op, 4th wall breaking character. (will eventually be the secret character)

Here is a list of the things the fighters can do so far:

Light attacks: Triangle button (Animations: Headbutt, quick punch, quick Kick)

Heavy attacks: Circle Button (Animations: Bicycle kick, mega punch, sucker punch)

Button Combo Special Attacks:
Down, Forward, Triangle usually does a projectile.
There are other combo specials, like back, forward, circle,
but they are different depending on which character you use.

Targeting Mega Attack: Holding R2 when you are glowing produces a crosshair that you can control
3-Dimensionally and target enemies. Once the crosshair is fully red, let go of R2 and you unleash a
devastating and artistic attack.

Spinning Jump: X button

Throwing: Grab enemy with R1 and hit heavy attack to throw them.

Square button give access to your poppit, for ppl without keyboards or microphones.

Here is what I need added that I am having trouble figuring out:

1. Issues with player connections (Might be because of lbp3's bugs?)

2. Creating a dynamic character select system that would only load the characters chosen.
I would need it to load characters post-level load, or else it would take forever.

3. Attack canceling during combos & combo interference after being hit

4. Dying gives you a point as if you killed someone, I know this can be fixed some how,
without resorting to like a death coin or something.

Please add me and help me out, my PSN is MEOWGICIAN
Even if you can't help me, add me, LBP3 is a quiet place right now.

- - - - - - - - - -

Oh right, one more glitch

5. The fighters are created with the new change character system, and that causes some freezing too.