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Shining Aquas
03-02-2009, 05:45 AM
I'm sure there's good number of gadders running about that probably think I've deserted this site and all of my responsibilities as well. Well, although it's true that I haven't posted a review in almost 2 weeks, it certainly was not due to evasion of the community.

I really haven't had the time to sit down and play LBP for a while now, especially with all the things I've had to do the last couple of weeks. That, and I've also spent a bit of time trying my hand at a bunch of other games as well, Street Fighter IV being one of them. Still, that's neither here nor now, and if you want to know what I think about SFIV, scroll down to the basement of the house that is my review of The Facility, a shooting challenge level made out of more neon lit lighting than a 70's disco party.

Describing the level is almost too easy:
1)Grab the Paintinator
3)Mash R1 until fingers bleeding

That's right folks, the entire level is simply shooting the hell out of everything that's trying to kill you, and that happens to encompass about 75-80% of the available space. Playing the stage is also fairly simple; note how I said simple instead of easy, which the stage is not. While the level is certainly as simple and easy to play as Kirby's Air Ride (instructions = Push A), the actual difficulty is also very easily provided since the stage does so many things to kill you. Be prepared to find yourself constantly on the fringe, somewhere between panicked and active while you are both shooting at and being shot at 24/7. It can get to be a tad annoying at times, but the paintinator makes everything appropriate and overall much more fun.

Don't get me wrong, the stage may be fairly hard to beat but by no means is it frustrating. Playing "Virtual Reality Metal Slug" with Sackboy is certainly fun and exciting no matter how badly you find yourself getting zapped by a sentry, and even though dying is certainly a frequent option for the standard player, it certainly doesn't force anybody to throw hissie-fits and cry in the corner. The only problem I'm having with this whole thing is the simple fact that I'm not sure whether it's the stage that makes the stage awesome, or if it's just the Paintinator that makes the stage awesome.

The Paintinator to me seems like the golden idol of a temple, the paint and stickers to a sports car, or possibly the hysterical fake audience to a horribly written Disney channel teen drama series (which is all of them by the way); it's that piece that although isn't entirely necessary can transform any regular work into a raging spectacle, and that's so hilariously ironic. I'm honestly having a hard time identifying stages that contain the paintinator as good or bad since it seems simply having the bloody thing automatically makes the level amazing (unless you completely ignore it like say Robotic Autmatic). Honestly people, it seems like throwing the Paintinator in your level is like bringing a Cliff's Notes booklet to a written exam about Huckleberry Finn, and while having the Cliff's Notes might fool other people into thinking you know a lot about the grand novel you don't truly understand it until you've read it yourself. As far as translating that little piece is concerned, I'll simply leave it at this:

The Paintinator is all well and good, but don't forget that it takes more than a fun gadget to make a game worth playing. Content above gimmicks.

The only other thing I want to mention for this level is the boss. The giant mecha-dinosaur with a laser cannon at the end of the stage should be noted to a degree for creating something that looks 10x harder than it really is. Bravo for creating one of the more deceptively easy and fun bosses in the game so far. The boss battle is fun, not overly challenging but not a walk in the park either, was excellently well put together, and overall was tons of enjoyment and almost makes the entire level worthwhile as a whole.

Conlclusively, the level is good. It's like strawberry jam on crispy toast, and while maybe being spread a little thin is still jam on toast and still tastes delicious. I suppose the major complaints I have are with the appearance, because while neon lighting is cool for a few minutes I really can't advocate making an ENTIRE STAGE OUT OF NOTHING BUT BLUE VR METAL. I suppose that having an ENTIRE STAGE OUT OF NOTHING BUT BLUE VR METAL is probably a bit better than making the whole thing out of something more bland like say Dark Matter, but the fact still remains that you built the ENTIRE STAGE OUT OF NOTHING BUT BLUE VR METAL, and Mono-material levels are generally something the general public of creaters around here feel the need to complain about. So next time I'd recommend NOT MAKING THE ENTIRE STAGE OUT OF NOTHING BUT BLUE VR METAL.
Yeah, I'm finished.

Final Score:
It's basically Metal Slug in LBP, and equally as entertaining. Appearance is a little bleh, but there are far worse shortcomings the level could be suffering from. Like a hernia. Or cancer.

On a side note, I promised my impressions of SFIV. I don't think it's good if a fighting game manages to irritate me when I know MORE about the fighting system than when I don't know much at all. Generally, knowing more about the system and it's more "technical" functions gives me good feelings about the game since I see where the competitive nature comes in, but this game is exactly the opposite. It actually manages to frustrate me more simply because the unique and tech functions are useless when 75-85% OF EVERYBODY PLAYING ONLINE USES THE SAME 3 ****ING CHARACTERS THAT ALL HAVE 1 MOVE THAT COMPLETELY SCREWS WITH EVERYBODY ELSE!

The general thought behind SFIV: Zangief is broken, Ken is way too good, and Sagat is just generally ridiculous, and those are the ONLY 3 CHARACTERS THAT EVERYBODY PLAYS!!! What do I get for being different and playing Rose? 15 Shoryukens per match is what.

03-02-2009, 06:39 AM
Haha, another good read from you SA. I really like your reviews, they're well written and really go into some general aspects of LBP, not only discussing the level at hand. Keep at it, even if I'm not gonna play the level, it's still a great read :).