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mr Radical 5601
01-30-2015, 09:41 PM
Want to build? That's what everyone comes to these sites for, right? To build? To find glory through their creations? Well...


Time to try doing something a bit different. For this contest, you need to build a platformer. However...

You can only build using squares.


Squares. Everything in your level needs to be made out of squares. Big squares, small squares, collections of squares to make other shapes. The only exception to this are things that come out of your tools bag, stickers, and decorations.

To submit your level, you must:

Make it playable in single player.
Make your level in LBP 1, 2, or 3.
Not use Swoop as a playable character.
Not use any shape other than squares while building with the exception of stickers, decorations, and what's in your tools bag.
Not have any level links... keep this contained to a single level.
Have an active BigPlanet.me account
Have introduced yourself in the BigPlanet.me Introductions Forum
Put BPMCC1 in front of your level name.
Publish your level prior to the deadline.
Post your level name, PSN name, and lbp.me link to your level in the official contest thread on BigPlanet.me (http://www.bigplanet.me/forum/competitions/site-competitions/215) by the deadline

CONTEST DEADLINE: 7PM EASTERN on February 13, 2015.

No late entries will be accepted.

You can work as a team, but only 1 prize will be given. Prizes will go to person who publishes the level. You guys can work out the rest.

Levels will be judged by the BPM staff.

Planning on entering, post here and let us know. We'll keep track of things in these first posts...

Good luck. Questions!

shookie99, on 20 Jan 2015 - 1:33 PM, said: What about objects from the goodies bag? Are they allowed?

Yes to materials using the square shape. No to collected objects, saved objects, and community objects.