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03-04-2015, 03:36 PM
Updating this topic. XD

Dark Earth is a Horror Level series which ultimately will consist of about 6-8 levels of varying theme and type. The one thing they'll have in common is that they will all include monsters/ghosts/scariness.

The first of these is "Don't Let Them In", a free-roaming exploration level where the goal is to defeat the evil San-Shi. DLTI is complete and available for play!

The second level is "Hyakki Yagyo" (Night Parade of One Hundred Demons). A short, super-easy platformer intended to be a gallery level showcasing 40 unique types of Japanese Yokai as you journey through a festival in the spirit world.

For example, here's Mokumokuren, the Shoji Screen Yokai, along with Karakasa-Obake the umbrella, and Chochin-Obake the lantern. I also have completed Nurarihyon, Bakezori, Hitotsume Kozo, and Azuki Arai.

That said, I am looking for your ideas for horror levels! Beyond these two, I have only one other guaranteed, and five open spaces for new ideas! I've gotten a few idea of my own of course, but I wanted to see what sort of spookiness you'd like to see!

07-27-2015, 03:26 PM
Added the first couple of WIP pics for the second level, Hyakki Yagyo. Still looking for level ideas!

07-29-2015, 07:18 PM
You should do something similar to Close Your Eyes. You know, a level where you can actually kill the monsters you encounter.

08-02-2015, 02:57 AM
This may be relevant to your interest then!


Ultimately I've decided the Yokai level doesn't fit the tone of Dark Earth. The series is meant to contain scary levels, and the yokai I'm making.... are not.

Thus, THE HAUNTED. A ghost-hunting level. I've done Evil Sin Worms, now it's time for good old fashioned ghosts. The idea is that you're in a school building, and you've got ghost hunting equipment set up in an office that sort of has a Five Nights at Freddy's thing going on with a set of security cameras, and doors you can close on either side.

You won't NEED the doors all the time, but the cameras you might. You observe ghost activity on the cameras to find out where the ghost is active, then go the the room it's taking place in. While there, you use your EVP and Camera to collect "Data" and when you have enough, you can find out where the ghost's "Core" lies, and purify it!

If I can figure out how to work the memorizer properly, I want there to be 12 ghosts in all, and each play through you'll encounter a different one. The first one would be a tutorial ghost that shows you how to do everything, then the next 10 you have random events that they'll cause. The final ghost would be the worst of all, and you have to collect data on it, while in a boss fight.

Given the thermometer limitations, my idea may be too ambitious, particularly if a memorizer is involved! But considering how much I fit into Bad House, I'm willing to give this a shot.